[Suggestion] Own Town Roads if you own Res's around it!

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Do you think that EMC should Add this?

Yes (Explain Below) 7 vote(s) 70.0%
No (Expalin Below 2 vote(s) 20.0%
Not Sure (Explain Below) 1 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. Hey EMC,

    I was thinking for builds, Say you have a 2x2 res area totaling at 4 reses with town roads through the middle, You could pay admin set amount to make it so you can build in the selected area. Here is a exampe.
    -You own the reses in the Green Block and the red lines is what you could pay to own, say 20k per road,

    and if u wanted to own the roads that are 13 wide and someone else is beside you, then all u have to do is ask permision, and then u can build on there is u pay 20k per road and have permission. This would be very good if u have any type of build that goes across town road.

    If you have any thoughts or opinions on this please comment below.


    P.S. I used that example from a random spot on the live map :p
    P.S.S. I am sorry my Post is not colourful haha.
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  3. Yes, it would be nice, but I think it would have to be a condition that you have permanent derelict protection. This would break how normal residence flags work in that area and the owner would not be able to ever unclaim the residence due to it not being able to automatically reset. Towns were created in such a way, that adding to or moving residence borders could create problems and that is the reason the current method requires staff.
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  4. This would be really hard to implement I think...
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  5. This would essentially make residences 62 by 62... The road needs to be accessable to horses, and should this be added I think it won't.
  6. Then they should make it some way if u got perm derelict protection on all your accounts, then they can give you a choice to do it or not.
    It would only make it bigger if you pay to own that chunk of road,
  7. All of the roads are a part of Town, a massive residence(basically). All of our residences are sub-residences on the Town residence. Anyway, all of the roads are a part of of Town, so if you had permission to build on the roads, then you could build anywhere in Town. This is why this feature is not available. Sr. Staff, however, have the ability to build on the roads. That is why you are able to pay them 10k and they will build on the road for you. There are some exceptions, though. Check out PenguinDj's post.
  8. Really hard to implement for EVERYONE. It wouldn't be so difficult to do it once, but there is no easy way to make it automatic, this leaves a lot of room for error, bugs, plain messyness. Sr Staff has a long list of tasks already and more than a couple requests for this in a months time would create a giant backlog of work. Unfortunately, all the rupees in the world don't equal any extra hours in the day for them.

    If enough players who have purchased permanent derelict protection are requesting this service, I think It may be able to be arranged. It's not a 'no, never' but more of a 'not sure'
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