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  1. Hey everyone! I wanted to suggest a change and talk about something I haven't really seen around the forums, that being the roads in town.

    For starters, I don't know the full story about why they originally the way they are, or if there was even an original reason to why they are the way they are. All I see them as, which I believe is all they are used for, is a separator between plots so things aren't cluttered and smashed together.

    Let me just jump into it so some of the things above make more sense. My overall suggestion here is being able to edit roads however you wish, even completely removing them, if and only if you own the land on both sides of the road. So if you own a 2x2 area of land (4 plots in a square) all of the roads between should just be your land.

    I understand you can have staff make changes and edit these for you, but as of right now you cannot block or take away the road itself. The only possible reason I could think of it being this way is so that people can walk up and down the roads to 'explore' but in reality I don't think anyone does that at all. Even on my first day here on EMC I was told about the Live Map, and from then forward I just use the res numbers to teleport anywhere I want, or to places that look like they could be interesting.

    Again, this would only allow you to edit roads that are between plots that you actually own. Using the example above of 2x2 (4 plots), would mean you could edit and remove all the roads between the plots, but can't change the roads outside the border, so the padding between peoples land still exists.

    My reason for this suggestion is because I have been wanting to make a town. During the planning of this town in my personal server world, I have created and scraped countless ideas purely because of this seemingly pointless restriction. I am unable to do anything of great scale without overflow on to the road, or use any unique layouts other then some flat out grid style positioning because of the roads.

    My guess is that this rule or system was set in place before a teleport system or something. But I feel as if it's time to unlock the full potential of what people can do, the people that take the time to collect connected residences to make bigger builds.

    If you didn't totally follow what I was talking about, here is a little image. If you owned all 4 of these plots, the road in green you could do as you wish with. The roads in red surrounding your land still would follow the same rules as now.

    Thanks for taking the time to read it all if you did. :)
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  2. I am not sure on my opinion of this. I like it, but we already have that with the S. Staff services. It is only 10k per road and they do whatever you want with it for that price.
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  3. It can not obstruct the path way, the road must still be travel-able.
  4. yea that to.
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  5. Yeah as ISMOOCH said, the entire point of this suggestion really is being to do with it as you please. If you own the plots on both sides of it there is no real reason to not be able to in my opinion. This would include completely removing the entire road if you wished, to open up way more possibilities on what you can actually build.
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  6. well if you get high enough you can go over the road... unless this has been fixed dosn't seem to have been disabled
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  7. Fixed implies it was a problem. When minecraft build height went from 128 to 256, anything above 128 was buildable over the roads on EMC. This could have been prevented, but JustinGuy thought it was a neat feature to add to coincide the new giant builds that would present themselves.
  8. I understand why this may be difficult, as I have a 2x2 residence myself that has required multiple road edits. Although some may think of this short term, as in "Why can't I just do it myself?" and end up taking away the town roads, and then not doing anything for a long time, resulting in an empty 120x120 plot.

    I find the Sr. Staff services requirement a good thing along with the 10k per road; it requires you to plan, and leads to a better designed build. A great example of a town would be B4DMAN5IMON or 3153 on smp2. The residences are completely integrated with the roads that you hardly notice when you come across a town road. It can be done, it just requires a whole lot of planning :p
  9. i run along the roads all the time, and know tons of people that do it when they are bored. you are kinda new here but i think eventually youll get bored and just wanna explore builds you dont know the numbers to would be real annoying if you were going that and then had to go all the way around a res or even two to continue in that direction
  10. I remember when i first joined I bought a horse (before starter horses) and would roam the streets until I found a res that someone I saw on EMC often owned.
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  11. but can't you just claim a utopian res? where those roads aren't there? :confused:
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  12. Yeah, sure. But is that not what horses are for? And for someone who is just starting off and just wants to build something, 10k per road is still a ton to pay. I support this idea. It does not even seem like it would be hard to code.
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  13. Yeah I took a look at his since you mentioned it. I had something really similar going and you notice he has tiny warm feeling paths that curve and tuck around his buildings, but then you get to a spot where it's just a 4 wide gaping path that's perfectly straight and endless in the view. That is my problem with it.

    If you want to do any sort of unique shaped roads or build styles in the end when you look at a single plot it looks epic and everything is so custom fitting and felt, but then you just get to a gaping wide road that just doesn't look like it fits at all.

    It's because of that reason you are restricted and forced to follow a fit grid style, where everything is square and in line.

    As said in my original post, I just use the live map for that. If I find something that looks like it could be interesting or fun to visit I just click it on the live map to get the res number and teleport to it. No point in walking 5 minutes in game when I can teleport to it in 5 seconds. The roads are pretty useless for walking and I believe just there for padding between residences, also stated in my original post. :)
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  14. Well the thing about this change is, it doesn't really require any new code. The roads as far as I know are just flagged with WorldGuard (Bukkit Plugin) all you would need to do is pay a mod X fee to get added to the select road area and given build rights. If you quit or leave the resses or anything like that a mod would just have to delete the new zone that was to give you build.
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  15. to me, trying to get 4 residences side by side like that is a waste... you're using all 4 of your slots you're given from diamond to get something that is easily given to you by using 1 of your residence slots.
    but i certainly wouldn't want to waste 3 extra res' when i can accomplish it all with 1.
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  16. I would agree to an extent. I had a res on Utopia when I first went diamond, but quickly realized that it's utterly pointless to play there. It's 90% afk farms, no one ever talks, and there is no shops. So if I needed to pick something up real fast I had to switch servers, buy something, vault it, switch back and unvault it. All while at the same time secluding myself from the actual active part of the community on the SMP servers.
  17. I think this is a great idea, and props to you for making a gif to illustrate it.

    @Battmeghs, the thing about a utopia plot is that not very many people go on utopia. I don't want to build something awesome and not have anyone to show it off too

    @bite and others who like to walk on roads, I use the roads when roaming aimlessly as well, but I don't think it's really all that difficult to just go around an area. I'd happily trade seeing cool 120x120 builds in exchange for an extra 30 seconds of travel time around it. And it's not like anyone uses the roads for actual practical travel anyways, more so just for exploring and being bored

    Most of my and my friends reses are all adjoining, so this would be a really cool feature, with not really many downsides as far as I can see. +1 support
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  18. :( *uninvites meghs from my 4 reses* :p
  19. I guess if the only negative side is having to walk around a res, you could be required to make teleports to 'skip through' the res completely where roads normally would be. So if you are heading south to north and someone cuts all the road out on their 2x2 plots just make a teleport from the bottom where the road ends to the top where it starts again. Completely removes the negative side to it.

    Though the point is really about being able to build unrestricted where if it is something you came across it wouldn't be an issue because it would be something you wanted to explore or see the full extent of. If someone goes through the trouble of getting that much land connected, they aren't planning to build a dirt house on it, it's for a bigger scale project.

    Here is a new image for reference. The black boxes are to show where like pressure plate teleports would be that would bring you to the other side of the res. So if it was something you truly aren't interested in seeing you could just skip over it. The arrows are to show that it would work in all directions.

    Soo yeah, now everything is the exact same but people can actually build unrestricted content.
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  20. There would be problems and limitations. For starters, it would have to be 4 wide streets only, not the 13(?) wide streets.

    I'm also not sure if it's possible, technically. There's no defining factor that links 2 residences together, besides perms/not perms. So it could work if the player has admin perms on both residences, but that's something for Aikar to look into.

    The senior staff services are also quite a considerable rupees sink. :)
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