[Suggestion] Rupee sinks. (discuss and add)

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Do we need more rupee sinks?

Yes. 35 vote(s) 83.3%
No. 7 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. This is meant to be a thread about ideas for rupee sinks. If you don't know what a rupee sink is, it is something that takes rupees out of circulation. /shop is the most know example of a rupee sink.

    Some ideas I poached from on old discussion:
    • Discount on Sr Staff Services - let someone pay a large fee to be able to get, say, 15% off Sr Staff services. This would work well with M4nic's idea of selling structures/machines.
    • Non Combat Pets - I would personally pay good money to have a chicken follow me around all day lol.
    • Zombie/Skeleton Horses - Additions to /shop?
    • Ability to use one of your blocks as a hat.
    • Disguises in Town - Who doesn't want to be the sheep at the free shearing farm that no one can shear lol.
    • Fly in utopia town for a period of time - This would be relatively expensive. In order to make it so that staff can still distinguish illegal mod users from paying players, it could add a [FLY] tag to their name while in utopia. Late to the party....
    Here are better ideas from M4nic_M1ner:
    I am personally not a fan of auctioning derelict residences, but hey, this is meant to be a discussion.
  2. these ideas sound like the EULA changes that will already be on the empire
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  3. They are lol. I believe that Aikar said that there will be no EULA changes yet because we need to see the complete outcome of the Microsoft-Minecraft purchase.
  4. I'm thinking: "Why to destroy a residence / building if it has a value and can be sold?"
    Perhaps a part of the price could go to the original owner.
    If the original owner never shows up, it's the same as transferring to EMC, i.e. taking the rupees out of the system.
  5. Along with selling residences (ownership change):

    Testament, with a similar fee - saying "if my residence R goes derelict, the user U gets +admin on it and also has 15 days time to claim it for free, including all what is on it (i.e. without reset)."
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  6. I take it you mean non-supporter flight? Utopia already allows flying in town, I forget if that was restricted to supporter though.

    An individual selling their residence as a whole, I'd support. I imagine "build" companies would get at least some use of the feature, auctioning off mansions & pre-built shops.

    EMC auctioning derelict residences however... adamant and resounding NO.
    There are still people getting caught by the derelict policy who come back and start wondering where their res went, and dismayed that the plot was claimed or razed in their absence. Try to imagine for a moment how upset these people would be if their residence wasn't just /forceclaimed and erased, but if someone else came and raided their belongings, dug up valuable blocks, egged or killed their creatures.
    EMC advertises plots as grief-free in town. It's specifically stated that no one can do a damned thing on your residence unless you allow them to, and multiple warnings are encoded in the system for those who do give out flags. There is a massive difference between a system that erases a residence wholesale, and one that enables / sanctions griefing. It's not just a bad idea, it's one that goes against one of EMC's core values, and completely unacceptable.

    I think disguises would be neat, but also potentially annoying - a good suggestion, as long as there's a /ps option to disable them. Pets likewise sound like a great idea, though as with horses they should probably have a residence flag to disallow them - and more importantly, to vanish when a player logs out, so visitors can't go leaving stray animals on your residence or in town.
  7. It did happen to me just few months ago.
    So I think I'd like more to see someone else owning the residence, probably with the building still there (and perhaps have a chance to buy it back) than to see it destroyed / reset. Especially if the residence contains a building that is of interest to many people, like mazes, games, roller-coaster etc.
    If I see a residence of a friend going derelict, I'd consider buying it and saving it from destruction.

    So it boils down to the question if the (unfortunate) player would rather like to see his residence reset or to see that it is still there but has a new owner?
  8. You can already do that...

    lol but I like the ideas. I love wasting rupees tbh
  9. I know that free players can't fly, not sure about Iron and Gold though.
    I think there could be issues where a player loses his res, but makes a public disturbance about how the new owner shouldn't have it. I would not be happy to see my res in someone else's hands.
  10. You're operating under the assumption that the player claiming the residence would treat it with respect and preserve it intact.

    I have no such faith. More likely, you'll have players looking to buy up "derelict" plots, scavange them for whatever is of value, and /reset the rest.

    Your intentions on the matter are admirable, but unless a player can confirm their intentions (either through a writ or will as you mentioned, "allow transfer of residence to [player] in my absence," or just straight-up sell the residence themselves), there is no way this can be considered an acceptable idea. No matter how well-meaning you might be, all it takes is one person to have their plot bought out from under them and all their stuff stolen, and EMC's claim of "grief-free plots" becomes a lie.
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  11. All players can fly in utopia lol
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  12. I think a primary rupee 'sink' is needed that targets rich players giving them something to spend their masses on.

    I got some ideas but dont want to spill details yet.
  13. Free players can fly on utopia. I was there this week and flew around my residence.

    It may be because I am a previous supporter.
    I support the idea of more rupee sinks, they are certainty needed.
    *Auctions Todd_Vinton's residence*
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  14. And we actually have the ability to transfer ownership as a feature done, just waiting on me to find time to review and test it.

    Which will actually be a hefty fee to do so (50k, each party pays 25k)
  15. I feel like such an idiot lol. I was unaware that there is a flag for flying, and my only tests were done on a -fly res.:rolleyes:
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  16. I'll bet it has some merge conflicts now. Putting it on my todo list to update it.
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  17. Rupee sinks are optional, and they add new services to the game. What is not to like?
  18. I barley have money and more rupee sinks are going to be annoying. You have over 200k probably so for you it doesnt matter but for people like me it kinda does...
  19. You evidently don't completely understand all the pros to this. If there are more rupee sinks, rich people will be LESS rich so you will be richer in comparison than you used to be. The value of rupees will go up and if you rid yourself of valuable items you can make a lot as the rupee value changes.
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