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  1. It would be really cool if you could add /res like and /res likes commands. And /friend would be good too.
  2. great idea!

    /res rate 1-10 would be cool too :)
    the friends system is an already planned feature
  3. I like the /res rate idea
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  4. Some players could get offended if people don't like/rate their reses good and it would just, or I think it would, just cause more drama, people saying there res is more liked than someone elses etc. =P
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  5. I was going to say something similar to Mr Chicken with sunglasses.
    People can show their love and appreciation of a res by donating or just saying so.
    A like system would make some feel like their place isn't good.

    And i think we can learn from the internet here, any like system i've seen people go overboard over. A lot of people want likes to well feel popular, kinda thing you see on facebook and youtube quite a lot.
    I wouldn't want EMC to turn into a competition for likes.

    I am sure theres some threads on the forums that post pictures of great builds, if there isn't we could easily make one. Make one which allows people to share anything they made, helps other get inspiration. A like system isn't needed however i like a duck with sunglasses, i mean come on you don't see that everyday. +1 for Duck with sunglasses >.<
  6. As stated above, I would say that the like/rate system isn't so good as it could spark dramas. As for the friends feature, that's been planned for a while now and you should see it sometime in the future.
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  7. My seventeen cents.

    • /res like
      • If you have liked a residence before and wish to unlike it, /residence unlike
      • This would bring next to no drama, since your likes can never go into the negatives.
      • This could bring spam though. "GO TO MY RESIDENCE AND LIKE IT! YOLO #SWAG"
    This suggestion sparked up another in my mind.

    • Release a feature such as this /res like
    • Make a poll after a month
    • If the majority hates it, remove it. If they like it, keep and improve it.
  8. There are other servers that use /res like (or something like it) and it doesnt cause much drama there
  9. That is a very good idea SkyDragon
  10. The only problem would be that people might create drama by rating everyones residence a 1. The /res like would be better because then you either like it or don't.
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  11. Great idea!

    Creating drama or not does not count, as (some) people will create drama over anything that matters or that's worth something, so leaving out goodies because of drama would mean making everything dull.

    Perhaps one could have only so many likes to give.
    /like top 10 - list top 10 residences.
    /like list - show your current likes and how many you have free to give
    /like give 5 - give the res 5 like points

    /res rate is also a very good idea
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  12. Are we really going to decide features based on chance of any kind of drama. Remember that this very site has a like feature and I don't see people complaining about it. Sure, some people will do anything they can to get likes , but as long as there is no spam, what is the problem. While we are at it, why not remove chat because someone might compliment someone and someone else will be sad that they didn't get complimented. This last part is just a joke, but it does show that you can't do things due to the chance of drama. As a matter of fact, this would likely make others feel happier because someone liked their residence. I think this is a cool idea and a good way for people to show their appreciation.
  13. Hmm... yah, I have to say that I personally don't see much added value here (but please keep in mind: that's just me!) but the reason I am still responding is because I agree with jkr up there. I mean.. no offense here but I've seen people treating forum followers as some kind of status symbol (and please: no offense to those who do feel this way, I simply don't see it like that, is all..).

    But even that aspect hasn't really caused much drama in the past, at least not as far as I'm aware (and believe me: I am digging into EMC's past, even the dirty stuff).

    So even though I personally don't see much added value I also don't really think this would be a "drama magnet".

    But even if it did... (let's not dismiss the issue too easily); what extra problems could it create? Would it be more than "ok guys; fight it out in private (/tell) please..."? optionally followed by (but lets hope not!) /report?

    So with that in mind; if several people like the suggestion then I'm also all in favor.
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  14. I was thinking more along the lines of a player spending time and effort on their res and when no one likes it, their confidence in building and public display will go down. Another issue besides the potential drama/upsetting of other players is the spam it will bring in chat: "come nd lik my res pl0x!1!!1!"
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  15. To be honest, anything could spark dramas, and it really shouldn't be a major deciding factor. It'd just be the same as site likes, I've never seen any major drama over those.

    If people spam asking for likes, they're spamming and they can be punished.
  16. I don't think it will cause spam or drama.

    We have rupees, and it's entirely possible for people to beg in chat for them, or boast about their rupee count or try to stir drama about it, but luckily, we have rules in place restricting how much you can beg for rupees, things like that.

    We can do the same for the like system, no?
  17. If the rating feature gets added, which for some reason I don't think it will, it needs a way to be toggled on and off by the res owner.
  18. I agree. Would rate everyone 10... Its all creativity in EMC
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  19. It should be toggleable with the /ps settings...
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  20. +1