[Suggestion] /oldplayers: find those senior Emperians :P

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  1. Note: this suggestion is semi-serious. I am somewhat serious, but I also see how this might be a little bit too silly (or not very useful).

    We have the /newplayers command, something I'm actually using a lot myself. I think it's plain out brilliant.

    But couldn't it be fun to also have an /oldplayers command? This would do the opposite: it would show the top 6 (or 10) oldest players (based on First Empire Sign-in).

    These senior citizens need our help too! What if they're trying to cross the sandstone roads and all those pesky players on their horses keep marching through?

    A tad more serious: I think it could be fun to know, it might help players find veterans to ask questions to (I know that's unlikely to happen this way) and it would also boost some players ego (<cough>not mine of course</cough>) :p

    At the very least it helps us to recognize those players who we should give a (renamed) (walking) stick to :D
  2. +1

    I would always be on that list lol....
  3. -1. not needed
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  4. Showing the oldest 10 players simply based on first sign in would likely show you 10 people that haven't logged into the server for years. Oldest 10 players that aren't currently derelict would be cool to know though. Consider this a semi-serious +1

    Also, I didn't know about the newplayer command until now.
  5. Hm, I'm not too sure on how this would work out... :p I guess a big part of the first 10 would be the original members? And perhaps a few inactive members that joined when the server had just became public.
    (This was an interesting way to learn about the /newplayers command, though)
  6. I am 50/50 on this, but I think the /newplayers command is interesting. So I am gonna have to say -1
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  7. Oldest top 10 non-derelict - and thus, active - players would be a +1 from me.
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  8. Even non-derelict doesn't mean active. A lot of older players have permanent protection.
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  9. Well if we're talking a command that might be helpful for players, "Oldest players currently online" might be the way to go. Then there's really no question that they're active.

    Whether they want to be pestered with questions is another matter entirely. "Dang newbies, get off mah res!"
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  10. +1

    Maybe refine it so that it is the top 10 oldest members that logged in within the last 12 hours? It would also be nice to be able to remove yourself from that list (for privacy reasons).

    If we only did/added things that were necessary, then we wouldn't be doing much at all.
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  11. I give this a 0 ( maybe ). It would fun and interesting to have the command /oldplayers but its truly not needed.
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  12. Yeah, that's what I was going for. Comparable to /newplayers.

    And I agree fully: it doesn't serve much extra purpose other that fun I suppose :)
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  13. +1 This would be awesome! I never knew there was a /newplayers commands ;)
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  14. Doing nothing is fun though.
  15. I like this idea.
  16. Mediocre idea -1, just not a fan.
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  17. It would be way more convenient than having to /p people so +1 c: