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  1. Hi there community! I was at school, taking notes in my notebook in history class, when I came up with this idea. I'm not sure if you like it, but here goes.

    Ever want to remember something, such as coordinates?
    Then use the /NoteToSelf (/NTS) command!
    Use: /NTS [What you want to remember]

    For example, if you want to remember coordinates to an ocean temple, but you don't have your gear, just type /NTS Ocean Monument Number 1! Coordinates: 1 1 1! Will explore later.

    Or, if you want to remember when you started your supporter, type /NTS Supporter start! 30th February (Yes I know there is no 30 days in February.)

    To list these Note To Selves, type /nts list (NTS #)

    How to delete notes: /NTS del (NTS #)

    To write down your coords, type /nts coords (coord name!)

    Supporter perks!
    Regular players: 5 Note to selves
    Iron supporter: 10 Note to selves
    Gold supporter: 30 Note To Selves
    Diamond supporter: 50 Note to selves

    +1 or -1?
  2. +1, this is a great idea! But why not just make the NTS command so if you don't write anything in it, then it will automatically copy the coordinates? Also, will we be able to delete notes we dont need anymore?
  3. I added in your advice :)
  4. There is a command to set cord locations already as well as many hundred mods.


    Not worth it when there are already simular commands sorry.
  5. I like the idea. I think its important to note that the OP doesn't necessarily meant for this command to be used with coordinates; it was merely an example of some of the information which you could store as a reminder to yourself.

    /nts tell gripceo that I really should stop talking to myself :)

    So the next time my alt comes online and I actually remember to use /nts list I can then see that I should probably stop doing whatever it is I'm doing at that time ;)

    More seriously:

    /nts check your auction time, maybe a bump?
    /nts 4 days until $friends birthday!

    etc, etc.

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  6. I think I would use this quite often, but I whould use it in, again, an other way.

    I would "Par exemple" use it when I'm building. Let's say I need twelve windows with all twelve first two blocks window, one block sandstone, four block window, two block sandstone, seven blocks window, one block sandstone. I would use it with the numbers 2 1 4 2 7 1 so that when I forgot how to build it, I can type /NTS window or something like that and know how to build it again (to delete it when I'm done)

    And, would it be an Idea to make an extra parameter that allows you to add it in your start message (I mean the message that you get on top of chat when you're logging in). it would be /nts t [message] or /nts f [message] than (with t for true anf f for false)

    anyway, +1 :)

    EDIT: +0, Rainbowchin said there is something called /note. For more explanation, look below :)
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  7. Maybe everytime you login a new time, similar to when you get notified about mail, you get notified that you have a note
  8. I use pencil and paper for this.
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  9. I don't see it being useful, but apparently many people disagree.
    If I need to remember something I put it down on paper or in Evernote.
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  10. Kind of reminds me of the space race. Spend millions on a pen, or you know. use the pencil you had right there. (Yeah I know there were other reasons) but to me my tablet, iphone, pen/paper right there are already more than capable of doing this without typing commands, and provide things like reminders...due dates, calendar views (if its an auction timeline) etc...
  11. I know it's not exactly what you are all after, but there does already exist a command which might help you in this, /note. You could, for example, set a /note on an alt (or any player really) and then those notes are visible when you /p any player.
    • /note set [PlayerName] [Note] - adds a message that will be shown when the command /p is used on a specified player. Notes are only visible to the player who has set the note.
    • /note add [PlayerName] [Note] - adds to the existing note. This feature is only available for supporters.
    • /note clear [PlayerName] - removes a player's note from their player information (/p).
  12. I think this solves all problems I have. :) Thank you very much. :) (Edited my main post)
    There is only one thing that isn't in there: you won't get reminded when you're logging in. That would be my only reason to add /nts.
  13. best idea ever! +1
  14. This is cool! id probibly only use this for remembering events but it would come in handy
  15. Personally, the number one feature I have seen about this is not the note taking aspect, nor saving the coords (I do this by taking a screenshot), but for me I would like the ability to set a message for myself next time I log in. To me, that alone is worth it, cause often I would forget to even check any notes I have, but this command would put it in my face as soon as I log in.

    I also like the idea of not only being able to set up a log-in alert, but to set alerts that appear in chat at certain times, like an alarm. This is kind of further away from the idea of the op, but I would find this to be more useful than just an in-game note taking feature.

    +1 from me if it includes some of the features I mentioned
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  16. 2 things that I use instead of nts..

    1. Signs
    2. Paper
    3. My biology notebook, (i'm too lazy ;))

    I don't think this will be that helpful. -1
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