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  1. This is a rather simple suggestion. No, seriously, it is really just that simple.
    Wanna remember some coords? Wanna leave a message to your future self?


    The idea is that you can type /note <message> and then read said message later by typing /note
    So lets say I have a set of cords I want to go to in the wild and they are pretty hard to remember

    /note Go To 484/21/948

    Typing /note will then play said message back to you like
    "Go To 484/21/948" in chat

    Its a pretty simple idea, I can't imagine it being all that hard to program in, and I can see a lot of uses for it.
  2. I think that is a good idea +1
  3. It would have to be a different command seeing as there is already a note command, but this could be useful so
    +1 :D
  4. Love this idea. I don't know how many times in Private Chat or group chat have I randomly spit out cords and everyone wonders why lol
  5. Usually I just type / then whatever I want to remember and I'll scroll up in chat to see what I wrote lol.
  6. +1 I don't see a reason not too
  7. +1. Though it isn't hard to write stuff down on paper...:p
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  8. +1 what if it was like a reminder? Like the iPhone app where you set a date for like an event or like when a shop opens
  9. +1 I forget everything anyway
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  10. /paper, its probably right next to you
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  11. the reason why this would be an interesting substitute to paper, is this would be permanent, as long as EMC is a server. I could imagine making a note and checking a few years down the road, completely forgetting about it. It'd be a pleasant surprise.

    I have 3 notepads on my desk, all of which I write down notes for games. I +1 this suggestion.
  12. Sure. But writing everything down on paper will make you lose things, for certain. Also, why would you use paper instead of a text file?
    Anyway, I think this could actually be a good addition, as this way on EMC you can check notes you made for EMC. Much more convenient than having to look through notes made for all sorts of games and other stuff. It also allows you to stay in-game and doesn't require real-life resources.
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  13. ok sure, but in that case there need to be hard limits, in size of note and in number you can have
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  14. Sticky Notes? :p
  15. +1 all the way...
  16. why not use a Book and Quil?