[Suggestion] New Players cant Buy TNT

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Yay or Nay?

Yay 8 vote(s) 57.1%
Nay 6 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. Was just thinking about this, You could just disable new players from buying TNT and I bet a Ton of griefs would be prevented, Or even something like if a player is less than a week old they cant enter the wild with tnt in their inventory.

    Have any comments or concerns?? Any rude or off topic posts will be deleted:)
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  2. why do you think TNT is being used for griefing?

    TNT is about the worst way to to grief on EMC. You could grief faster with a shovel.
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  3. On other servers people commonly use TNT for griefing. Players dont realize until they get out to the wild it only blows up one at a time, but anyone can place a line of tnt and run with flint and steel and light them all manually. Dont take a genius to think of that, also not saying anyone should do that.

    Im just saying it is a common tool in griefs and if you walk around spawns you see tons of buildings that look like they were TNT'd, its right out there for anyone to see
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  4. Didn't you restrict TNT for a couple years on the grounds of griefing or are my facts wrong?
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  5. He did but he customized TNT now so it cannot remove some sorts of blocks.
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  6. That was before the update that blocked TNT from blowing up many blocks in the wilderness. Currently, TNT can only blow up a handful of blocks, like grass or dirt. Even if a player placed a whole stack of TNT and lit it all on fire, it wouldn't blow up a single block from a half decent player made build.
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  7. Yeah TNT can't break certain blocks, but most common blocks are used to build near spawn and they can be TNT'd. Also that is where many griefs happen.
  8. Right, when we opened it to everyone, we severely limited it.

    TNT is only good for blowing up cobble and dirt now.

    any explosions you see near spawns are more likely creepers.

    At the cost of TNT, you're griefing yourself more to use TNT vs a shovel/pickaxe.

    I just went to a place someone griefed with TNT recently, and there was so little damage from the TNT, that the person appears to of given up.
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  9. Or they were to poor to afford more TNT, Ive seen many bad griefings with TNT near town that was just 1 example, but there are many other examples that are much worse.
  10. Forgetting all of the above comments, let's imagine this would be added to EMC.

    My question is: what does a 'new player' mean to you? When will a player be able to buy TNT?
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  11. I was thinking after a week or so idrk, cause after a week or 2 you get the feel that griefing is wrong, and if someone is going to stay for a week or 2 or more, they arent just gonna get banned after an hour for griefing.

    I was thinking since new players get so many rupees when they join free, whats stopping them from buying a ton of tnt and just griefing?
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  12. They had plenty of TNT. But we aren't going to limit TNT even furthur than the almost useless state that it is, to protect dirt huts near spawn :/

    Also, if you rename your blocks in an Anvil, TNT can not destroy it.

    The anti Griefing update will be coming soon too... so yeah i dont see reason to furthur restrict TNT.
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  13. Thats still 15 levels/stack, right? Quite a hassle imo considering a decent build could take over a DC of blocks

    That sounds good:)
  14. Why are you building a "Decent build" out of cobblestone and dirt near spawn?
    these are the only blocks TNT may destroy, and it cant if it has special properties (such as renamed)

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  15. Well obviously I dont, but the intent of this thread was to help new players because 'someone' Does build many neat structures out of those blocks near spawn. It is the griefers that destroy them, its hard to argue with that cause if you go to any spawn, waste or wild dont matter youll garunteed see TNT damage to structures near spawn and even farther out. Im just trying to prevent more tnt damage if possible
  16. Im thinking creepers are the cause of most of that -- not TNT.

    Now that enters the realm of do we really want to remove a major vanilla element -- crater causing creepers, to stop it?

    I've thought about it but that even makes me question it. then creepers would just be green blobs that play scary animations with a wider attack.
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  17. Perhaps within a certain distance from spawn, not the entire world.
  18. I've been involved with the aftermath of several griefs. Both because of GRIP and because I often keep my eyes open for any nastyness. Note that I'm not claiming that I know everything which is going on with regards to griefed structures, but I do think I got a decent impression of it.

    Having said that it's been my experience so far that lava buckets and pick axes have been causing much more damage in the overall. So quite frankly I don't think this would be as effective as you make it sound.

    But the real reason why I'm a nay sayer (sorry) is because I don't like the approach; instead of going "Innocent until proven guilty" you're now turning the roles around: "Guilty (or not to be trusted) until proven innocent or that time when we say so". As said: I don't like that.

    Here I am; new player and I plan on digging out my residence. I don't have the rupees needed for a Senior Staff removal service, but I did kill plenty of creepers and collected plenty of sand. Why shouldn't I be allowed to cause some major explosions on my own residence?

    Which also shows the second reason why I don't agree: what is stopping them from making it themselves?

    So yah... I'm not in favor of this.
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  19. I'm afraid I disagree with most of u. I like this idea but I agree that it would not be a game changer, a game helper but not a game changer.
    I voted yes because I would not want to be griefed.