[SUGGESTION] New Fishable Items

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I have a little suggestion which could make fishing a bit more fun. I think we should make it so we can fish diamonds, exploding TNT, a random persons head, some emeralds and things like that. Obviously these would be as rare as the treasure is that was released in 1.7! The persons head would be showing that someone died in the water (even though they haven't). ;) Also you could make it so you can fish shiny flesh or shiny arrows?

    Hope you like this weird idea,

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  2. Not heads, imagine fishing a orange krysyy head!
  3. +1 This could be cool. Wouldn't break the game any and adding a few more items for those that stay in town would be cool. Probably not player heads though as this might be very difficult to code and some players may not want their heads to be given though fishing. But diamonds, ermeralds, etc.. ya couldn't hurt.
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  4. +0, I don't want to ruin the economy... but it may seem cool
  5. :rolleyes: Can't see this being possible. Besides you get more diamonds from voting every day and the economy looks fine.
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  6. Something that could be nice to pull up: Soggy food
    It would just be another special item that is nice to have, but ultimately the same as its normal counterpart. It would have a lore that says it's just a normal food item.

    Soggy Cake
    Soggy Bread
    Soggy Cookie

    It appears to do nothing special.

    Maybe some more soggy variations of items that do nothing special.
  7. Soggy Stone Slabs :p
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  8. Not sure here. I do quite a bit of fishing and I think that the rewards which you can get now are quite sufficient. I mean; saddles (200r), rods (sometimes enchanted) and enchanted books are well known prizes. Oh; and nametags!

    If you want emeralds and such then there are better ways: trading with villagers and / or /vote'ing for the server.

    So I'm not too sure if this would really add something...
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  9. I like the idea but not heads. Some people don't want their head to even exist on EMC, but other that that +1
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  10. That defiantly sounds a lot better than giving anything valuable. It's a little fun twist to fishing.

    Preferably some sort of way to turn it off? I don't fish, but it may confuse/annoy some players.
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  11. The only I don't like is exploding tnt because for grieving it would be horrible part the most part I like is the head part but you would have to make it really high chance for getting the heads
  12. Be aware that afk fishers exist.
    I like Sky's idea best.
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  13. But those are illegal on EMC. :p
  14. Really?
    I thought it was legal, as long as it was humanly possible and you could respond to staff alerts.
  15. Automatic fishing mods are listed under disallowed mods on the Wiki.
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  16. I think it's doing things like putting an elastic around your mouse while at a tree farm. This is allowed as long as your at (or near) your PC and can respond if messaged.
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  17. Yeah, that's what I said.
  18. I've had an autofisher sitting on my res in plain sight with signs out front saying "if this is against the rules, let me know and I'll take it down."
    it's been there for over a year and a half now :p

    to stay on topic i love the suggestion, it would encourage me to actually fish sometime lol
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