[SUGGESTION] max res vouchers for high vote streaks

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Do you like the idea?

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I like the idea but I doubt they will enact this. 5 vote(s) 41.7%
No 1 vote(s) 8.3%
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  1. How about once every 400 vote streak the reward is a res voucher? I also want to raise the limit for res vouchers accordingly as the following:
    Normal = still 6
    Iron = still 6
    Gold = 7
    Diamond = 8
    Moderator/Developer = 8

    You would still get more if you reached the proper vote streak to possibly sell, gift, or give to alts. The limits are stated as max, and it would raise your max res limit by 1 for each voucher you redeem.

    Why every 400 streak is because they would still need to be fairly rare, but renewable since they are harder and harder to come by.

    What do you all think? :cool:
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  2. I think this is already going to happen, The only problem is there would not be enough residences to support all of these res vouchers.
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  3. Aikar stated it will be becoming out... Soon™...
  4. Already on the list, has been since they brought them out....
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  5. Every 500 and I'll be happy.
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  6. 500 is still far too low, i would say around 600-700 streaks, maybe more because hundreds allready are at this
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  7. Like others have mentioned, this has been planned already. Aikar said it would probably be awarded every 100 vote streaks (2014), but it could always be higher. :)
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  8. No. Not every 100. I could have had 8 resses by now, and that just isn't right.
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  9. lol yea, i could have had 20 reses by now :p
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  10. I do remember when Aikar mentioned doing this, but I never seen it come into action. I'd still like to see it happen, but I'd say perhaps every 500 streak? Or have it limited so that you can only get one once or twice, just like how you only get the voting armour once :)
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  11. I feel like it should be every 4-500, but with no limit. Then, once people hit the thousands, it seems a bit pointless.
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  12. Not unless we decide to add other vote items too, there has been mention of other ones for the future. It's not like you don't get lots of rupees, tokens, emeralds and diamonds still though, so either way, I wouldn't say that it's pointless to keep the streak going.
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  13. I'm not too sure here. We already had one town expansion this year and if you set this reward too low then we're bound to be looking at another one in the future. Which will annoy plenty of players who actually liked living at the edge of town.

    Just to prevent this from becoming too common I think you should be looking at a minimum streak of 500, maybe probably even more.
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  14. When was this?
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  15. Some time, but it did happen :p
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  16. A quick Google search gives you this thread.
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  17. The plan was to allow only two vouchers per account regardless of vote streak... pretty sure that was cancelled though.
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  18. Isn't there a 6 residence cap? Other than alts, it's not possible to have more than 6.

    EDIT: I assume it wouldn't be per 500 (Or whatever it is) votes forever, it would be only until you get 5 vouchers.

    EDIT 2: Reread the OP. Against raising the amount. If you are staff, you shouldn't get more than a normal player.
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