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  1. Hey EMC, another suggestion from me =)
    So basically my idea is this:If you've been to the PvP arenas, you've seen the floating letters on floor one of the normal PvP arenas. Wouldn't it be cool if you could have these on your residence? It could work like this:A 10k base charge, then after 3 lines of text 16 characters long each, 1k per extra line of text to a maximum of 5 lines maybe? And for each color other than white, you would be charged 500r

    All feedback is appreciated, let me know what you think :)
  2. I don't know, I think that this might looks a bit too official for newer players, and I don't know where I'd use them, but, if both aren't a problem, sure.
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  3. Hm... an interesting suggestion, I'm wondering what the reactions will be like.
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  4. My first reaction (in thought) was: "Not too sure this is a good idea because it would make the holograms more common, and people would pay less attention to them.".

    Then I reminded myself about last week: how many times I've been warning new players not to buy their stuff in /shop but to use player shops. Even though there is now a very clear and (IMO): hard to miss hologram warning which tells players the exact same thing (I really think EMC did an awesome job with that warning!). It seems some players simply don't pay attention to it.

    So with that in mind I like this idea!

    Quite frankly I think we could use a few more senior staff services, and this seems like a very nice way to spice up your residence a bit.

    Another reason why I think this is a good idea: why should only supporters get to have fun with customized messages? This would allow non-supporters to have their share of customized fun as well. Obviously it comes with a price attached, but hey: that's what playing on an economy server is all about.

    Small disclaimer: Hologram messages are still on my "todo list" with regards to trying them out for myself (in my own redstone creative world). So at this point I have no idea how liable (or feasible (think possible lag)) this actually is and I'm only commenting as a player. Reminds me about my todo list again, maybe I should hit the Minecraft wiki in a bit :D
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  5. I don't really have a +1, 0, or -1 for this. I completely agree with Shel, we do need some more of those Senior Staff services. This is a really cool feature to add in, however, I think that if players starting spawning them like crazy (because some people have wayyyyy too much money) that may turn into a problem. If we can put a cap on the amount of holograms per residence, then that would be fun. It doesn't even have to be a Senior Staff thing. A command such as /holospawn [colorcode and text] could just do the trick. It's kind of like the residence message thing. You'll be automatically charged with the fee.
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  6. Holograms are still really buggy. If you notice, the ones at the main event centers tend to move around a lot and have to be re-made frequently.

    We'll have to finalize stabilization before we can discuss something like this.