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What do you think?

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  1. I've been meaning to make this thread for a while. (Been too lazy :p) I thought why not be able to wear a block on your head?

    You could put any BLOCK on your head. But, the block you choose, comes from your inventory. If you die with the block on your head, you would loose the block because it would not be soul bound. So I would not recommend wearing a beacon in the waste/wild. The block you have in your hand, and while typing /hat the block would then be on your head.

    You could also do /hat on or /hat off. To toggle your hat on and off.
  2. -1 This takes away from the Vanilla aspect of the server. And with all the cool stuff already here, why would we need anything else?
  3. The server is boring, it needs this

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  4. Already implemented into EMC.

    Problem is, you gotta have a purple name in order to use it :D

    But it would be fun to have, honestly :)
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  5. Is the command /hats or /hat? Also, the current command for hats can be used by senior staff members and above.

    I don't like the suggestion. -1

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  6. Maybe a diamond perk?
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  7. Exactly what I was fixing to say, +1. This feature would be completely Cosmetic, providing no gameplay benefit, it would just look cool, therefore not pissing off the EULA rules. +1
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  8. Hate to burst your bubbles, but you can have hats in Vanilla Minecraft. As in yah, Singleplayer with no mods. If you don't believe me I'd be happy to help you know how to.
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  9. +1, as long as I can't wear a chestplate on my head.
  10. lol everyone tries to use this argument, which is false, EMC isn't vanilla take a look around the server the different things that wouldn't work without the current things
    Any way if it was a diamond perk or something then +1
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  11. I don't see Penguin's post? Was it removed or something?
  12. Click on the arrow in the quote box. ;)
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  13. -1
    I see no real value to this. I just see this as a pointless waste of resources on the server, and I don't mean in-game resources
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  14. There is a special flag that is called 'Wearable'

    Some promos have it...;)
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  15. It was on a different suggestion thread about something I don't remember. I was confused too when I got the alert. :p
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  16. Something that is already implemented is a waste of resources? How?

    +1, this would make the server fun!
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  17. Where'd you pull that quote from? Lol, October was a long time ago, I barely remember posting something that harsh. ;p
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  18. I did some digging :p
  19. Y'all probably going to hammer me for this but maybe you could unlock a new block to place on your head ever 50 days or something? A sort of perk that everyone can obtain without the use of money? Just an idea but hey :) Quote me with feedback if you will.
  20. Or maybe you can buy blacks to be placed on your head using tokens!
    Like grass- dirt = Free
    Spawner - 20k Tokens
    and you can keep the /head on forever and keep the block once bought
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