{Suggestion} Flint and Steel Voters Item!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I was thinking as i seem to go through flint and steel so much when i am burning old builds down, So I came up with an Idea to make a Voters Flint and Steel that could be giving out on say your 400th vote bonus.

    Any Opinions? Feel free to talk about it...
  2. +1 We have most other tools avaliable via voting rewards ao why not this one too.
  3. +1 Adding this would be cool. Not like having all the other tools be unbreakable is that OP anyways, so adding a Flint and Steel as well does no harm either.
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  4. +1 from me too
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  5. 1,-1 for 2 reasons 1 because it is awesome :D but what about griefers
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  6. I Doubt that someone that would put this much effort into voting will use it for griefing, nor would one spend that much on it...
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  7. +1 I think that this is a solid voters tool that should be implemented into EMC!
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  8. If the voting reward for this item was going to be 400, then a griefer would have to vote for the Empire for 400 days to get this item. Highly doubt they would vote consecutively for well over a year just to get this item when there are other ways that are much 'easier' to grief with. Not speaking from experience of course haha. ;)
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  9. Whats stopping them from doing it now?

    A dedicated griefer would only need 200 days to do this :p
  10. Say what you want, but now that I have all of my voters diamond gear, I will be griefing your builds soon. :p

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  11. I have all my diamond Voters gear.. so all my alts will be making sure there are no more slabs left on smp6, >:D
  12. or they can steal it off someones res...
  13. It's impossible to steal from a res without been given flags to do so.
  14. +1

    Great idea
    Then I could burn the Empire with only one flint filnt and steel >:D
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  15. I think you mean filnt and steel.
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  16. Thanks for the correction :p
  17. yea, been really tired the past few days... :p
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  18. +1 Finch. An amazing idea, and I would like to see it added! :)
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  19. I love it, I can see the fires now! Muhahahaha! +1 Though staff might already have their list together. This may or may not be on it.
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