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  1. This year for 4th of July I think it will be awesome to see an original 13 colonies flag what's more patriot then remember the start of our country!!!

    Ooo what about a book or paper that has some kind of Decloration of Independs what ya I went there lol

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  2. Haha ok???
  3. You asked what was more patriotic, and I answered.:p
  4. Lol haha I get it now lol took me long enough to get lol pfft you had to explain it lol don't worry sometimes I have "blonde moments"
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  5. Original 13 colonies flag is a unique idea. +StoneSlab
  6. Honestly though what is the point? It takes krysyy and others a lot of time to create flags. If anything, flags that are still in use should be created, not flags that aren't used. -1
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  7. I like this idea, it's a symbol of the foundation of our country and a unique reminder of the colonies :D
  8. It's a suggestion and I'm proud of my country and as a person from the U.S would like to see a 13 colonies flag please no negativity
  9. You can't make a suggestion without expecting at least some people against you.
  10. Very unique! +chocolatebar :D
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  11. +ww2fan168
    I love this idea, I use flags all the time :p, and declaration of independence would be good as long its a promo :p

    Gonna drop this here...
  13. I will do that :p
  14. if prefer a bill of rights promo book, since that is far more patriotic then the 13 colonies
  15. How about the entire Constitution of the United States of America!
  16. While we're at it, let's do an entire U.S. History textbook!
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  17. ....I do have a life ya know =P
  18. Unfortunately, DMCA is a thing here. :(
  19. the bill of rights specifically was a defining point for worldwide democracy and thus would be more relevant to a larger audience then the constitution in its entirety, also if you have ever written in a book and quill before you would know how many volumes the constitution would take up :) (like 30-40 entire books)
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