[Suggestion] Disallow Promotional Item Hoarding.

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  1. Howdy EMC.

    I have been thinking lately. Too many people are doing something, including myself. We are buying promos from everyone else. We are ruining the great idea of promotion items… We are acting materialistic and greedy. My suggestion here today, is that EMC should make an official rule, that buying promotion items off each other is not permitted during the time that the promo is available as a /promo. The reason I believe this should be a thing, is that it has come to me, that different people around EMC are getting around a DOUBLE CHEST of every promo item once they are released. I did this myself during the EMC Birthday Cake promo, and I regret it, that is the reason I already am selling all my cakes away. I would love to hear your thoughts about this people, and perhaps what in your opinion could be the perfect idea to stop people from robbing new players off their promo items just to have a DC yourself. My idea is that it should be disallowed buying them while the /promo is available free. If you have a better/another idea regarding this, please let everyone else know.
  2. While I sorta agree, I would also like to point out that I believe the players should do what they want with their items.
  3. I agree with that. I just believe that experienced EMC players should not abuse new player’s ignorance...
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  4. The people selling them are the ones that don't have a need for them, or they have a higher need for money. It's already been stated in the past by staff that ripping new players off is against the rules, so the addition of this would only be punishing players who want to buy an item.

    This seems really restrictive on players, especially beings that the motto we like to go by now is "play your way." I see this really no different than participating in the economy, a la "play your way." What would the punishment be for people breaking this new rule?
  5. Hoarding is kind of the player's choice. I think that instead of disallowing hoarding, we should have a message pop up on screen after you claim your promo saying "The promo you have just claimed can only be claimed once per account and is worth a lot of rupees. If you sell this item then you will have to buy another one." Or something along those lines to warn newer players that selling them may not be their best intentions. I also assume some people here want to sell their promos straight off to make some quick cash. But there's my cent. :p
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  6. 1+
    I am aware that getting promos off new players is against the rules. But in general, make sure people know what their items are worth as FDNY has suggested. The general "newbie" should be guided towards getting a good deal for his item.
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  7. I disagree, players should be able to do as they please with their promotional items.
  8. Spreading information to sellers is a pretty big difference from punishing buyers, though that seems more rational and would be a lot less restrictive.
  9. My suggestion is simply stopping experienced players buying the items for way to few rupees. In general give the new-player a lot better experience with his/her promotion item :)
  10. It's not like experienced players are stealing the items. If new players want an experience with a promotional item, they'll keep the item. If they want the rupees more than the item, they'll sell the item. It's that simple.
  11. Problem is, new players have no idea what that item is, they just get offered maybe 3000 rupees and thinks that's good.
  12. I think we see any players trying to buy promos off newer players for too little, we should advise the new people of their worth...
    I totally agree that it is sad to see, but I'm afraid it happens
  13. It is partially the sellers responsibility to know the value of an item.
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  14. The solution is to teach players how to use the Marketplace Forums to get appropriate price checks on items, not ban hoarding of promotional items.
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  15. Promos aren't available long anyway. I do not think that deferring exchanges for a couple of days will make new players any more likely to hang on to their special items. They will just wait then sell them.

    I haven't participated, but I think that promo collecting has been good for us. It gives people something to do, a goal, along with causing a lot of economic transactions.

    I see the problem not so much as old players taking advantage of new ones as a problem with the items themselves.

    The only promo I have bought was actually an Auction accident, but I have collected everything I could as it was available. Some stuff I don't really want or haven't used, but have been too lazy to sell off. It has actually gotten to the point where it is getting in the way.

    The things that have durability I have not wanted to use mainly because I cannot repair them. So they sit in a Chest. If I knew that my Thanksgiving Turkey Slicer was going to go poof tomorrow, it would not be sitting in a Chest collecting dust today.

    If you want to encourage people to use these items and discourage hoarding, how about making them expire eventually? A month, six months, a year?

    I don't think we would want to do this retroactively since many people have invested Rupees into items expecting that they would always have them. We also would still see them changing hands, but the buyer would know that he eventually would need to resell or use the item.
  16. -10000
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  17. This is already a rule. Scamming is not, and never has been allowed.

    Not true. I could go buy a promo off a new player whenever I want to, It's only when your majorly ripping them off (AKA scamming) that you get in trouble. If I'm just buying a promo for a normal price off a new player, And paying them a normal price for it, no rules have been broken.
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  18. However, New Promo items are basically valueless until the market equalizes a base amount for said items. The seller probably will not know the price of a brand new item in the market if there is no M.S.R.V. and the market has not really had a chance to equalize as all of that supply is getting artificially injected into the market. :oops: ..Many times people go off of the price in the Empire Store and use that as the M.S.R.V. for an item, but Taste The Freedom and the Birthday were both not in the Empire Store so there was no M.S.R.V. for it and people had to make one up on the fly..
  19. I will post more shortly, however when I purchase newer promo items off of anybody, I make sure its a fair price for us both. We as experienced players know how things work here, and have large bankrolls to offer "what we want". When a new player offers me their promo firework for 150 rupees, guess what? I will accept, have them drop it and then pay them minimum 5000 rupees.

    So, look in the mirror and ask yourself...Are you going to give fair offers, or you going to buy for the lowest price possible?

    After you get a DC of promo items, what do you do with them?
    What is your motivation? Make a load of rupees? Keep them in a chest?
    Wait for other players to want promo items, establish themselves, and sell them some for a fair price?
    When the old time players sold me promo items for a fair price, it meant LOADS to me as a newer player, and trust me, i remember each and every player that helped me along the way. You know who you are.

    I really don't see anything wrong with purchasing promos off of new-ish players.
    After all, many do not come back.
    So, by established players getting more promos, more overall stay in the economy.
    Also many players will use their promos, making them non-auctionable and worth much less.

    The thing i see as wrong, is trying to take advantage of players.
    However if enough established players offer FAIR prices, then those who are not offering a fair price will have a much more difficult time trying to take advantage.

    When the established old-time players try to horde DC of items to drive up costs, that is when I have issue with it as they are trying to manipulate the economy on purpose.

    I like the free market system that we have. The items that I have collected over time, will all find a good home.
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