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Yes, Buying Promos This Early Is Rediculous 6 vote(s) 30.0%
No, I See No Problem With Buying Promos This Early 14 vote(s) 70.0%
  1. Don't take this the wrong way. I love the promo trade market. There is just a way to do it while being respectful to EMC. In my opinion, make threads within the first hour to buy a new promo is just ridiculous. I realize that the promos are usually cheapest at this time, but I mean seriously.

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  2. It's completely up to people if they want to sell or be smart with it and sell at a later date. I see no problem with people buying promos early.
  3. It's a tad annoying when players start jumping around SMPs asking for promos and then leave when no one answers, but it's easy enough to ignore. The forum is even easier to ignore so have no issue there.
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  4. Well the prices are starting to go up for the old promos,so later these new ones will increase as well and it be a greater profit to buy them early rather later..
  5. This, so much this. The worst is when they get upset because no one answers them.
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  6. I agree with you. People should wait a while.

    On a different note, I am buying EMC Birthday Cake promos for 10r per cake! Lulz by frum m3 pl0x!!!!111!
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  7. It doesn't annoy me too much, it's just like you guys say when people start jumping around the residences and spamming for the promos

    I'm sure you're joking but this also annoys me when newer players get tricked by stupid prices not knowing they could earn so much more
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  8. I hate that too. I remember when the Cupid Bows came out someone was trying to trade Unbreaking 3 Power 3 Bows for them with new players. That ticked me off so much.
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  9. This is generally punishable, just as an FYI :)
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  10. I've been given a lucky bow for 2k once but I did warn him they worth a lot more and he was fine with it maybey u should put it in the tutorial promos are worth a lot or something cuz it is very sad to c someone's fortune leave
  11. This. Was long ago it might of been 5k =P
  12. That's news to me....
  13. I'll tell you a little story, once upon a time when the 60k set was released a player whose name I will not disclose bought ore busters for 8k, and everyone thought he was a mad man for paying so much, and now, they're worth upwards of 120k, buying as soon as the promo comes out and then holding onto it is a very wise investment choice, as a matter of fact, I invested over one million rupees into promos, and then left EMC, (I occasionally log in/visit the site) I did this so that when I eventually (maybe six I can sell my promos for a lot more than what I bought them for, which would be when they came out, in my book I write about buying cheap and selling high, check it out at 8556 :)
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  14. I am not saying that the people aren't allowed to sell them right away, it is totally up to them. All I am saying is that they shouldn't see a new promo as just another money making opportunity, but relish the promo as something that celebrates 3 years of EMC. I never once saw anything about what the cake was for, only messages from people trying to buy it.
  15. The cake really isn't for anything, just a commemorative thing.
    And, let's face it, promos are just a money-making opportunity for most people.
  16. I am one of those. Perhaps I am not making threads, but I am buying the promos off players as soon as they're released. I do it for a business purpose, but of course I can see the rude in it. I try to refrain myself; like I don't wanna collect a ton, I try to get around 10 and that's it.