[SUGGESTION] Depth Strider on Voters Boots

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Would you want Depth Strider III on Voters Boots

Yes - I think Depth Strider is a useful enchantment to have. 41 vote(s) 77.4%
Yes, but at a lower level (I or II). 9 vote(s) 17.0%
No - the Voters Boots would be too op. 1 vote(s) 1.9%
Yes/No - Other (Comment below with reasoning) 2 vote(s) 3.8%
  1. Hey all. This suggestion is simply to put Depth Strider III on Voters Boots. Normally I wouldn't suggest this because it might be considered "too op," but I think that if the helmet can have both Aqua Affinity V and Respiration III, why can't the boots of Depth Strider III in addition to the Feather Falling? Just a thought. :)
  2. OR maybe a new pair of boots in the list =P (Just throwing ideas around)
  3. I already have my voters boots so.....
  4. Depth strider!!! 1.8!!! Awesomeness!! ...
  5. Cool idea hash :)
  6. Like this idea!
  7. It's almost as if I gave you this idea... ;)

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  8. Did you suggest this somewhere? :p I looked it up but didn't see anything. I actually got this idea because I was too lazy to make Depth Strider boots and just decided that it would nice to have it on my already-acquired Voters Boots. :D

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  9. +1
    couldn't it be IV so you can run faster in water as on land :p
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  10. Aikar saw this thread!
  11. Now.... Ulti... you see, when you know what Aikar is viewing at all time... you have something called a stalking problem.

    Please call 1-800-Therapy immediately. (Please dont call this number because I am almost sure it is a real number.)

    :) Of course I am only joking.
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  12. Depth Strider above III doesn't have any additional effects =P
    I imagine they might do that just for aesthetic purposes though, like how they gave the Voter's Helmet "Aqua Affinity V" (providing they went through with this).

    Anyway, I agree completely with this! Or at least, having Depth Strider on at least 1 EMC promo boots item. xD

    EDIT: I noticed no one has said this would be OP yet, so there's plenty of hope :)
    EDIT 2: ONE person said this was OP... k then?
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  13. It would only be op if the people who already have their boots don't get it. Then it is wrong, and I will file a class action suit. How about instead of Depth Strider on the current voter boots, we add voter bonuses starting at 325 votes and get a new shiny'er gear.
  14. If changes were made to current Voters items, players would likely be able to ask Senior Staff to update their items for no cost.
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  15. I think it should be a new pair, just to allow for some later special voting bonus rewards :)
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  16. yea, why not a Iron, and then diamond suit, so then you get more op as you vote, and the voting would end at like 500
  17. Diamond would be a little too op, I think. That seems to be the general consensus and the reason why voting armor has been thus far limited to leather.
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  18. Well, I knew someone probably beat me to this :) When raiding a sea monument which I simply did in my voters armor & voters gear (initially with my difficulty set to 6, thus I was also visited by some enraged mobs) I also wondered about this.

    But the idea of adding new voters armor (say iron) for a continued streak which has some updated enchants (such as Depth Strider) sounds pretty interesting to me as well.

    Yes, that's just what they did. You can check yourself on the voters helmet wiki page.
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  19. A command would be able to be used to update the items. I forgot the command, but it exists.
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