[Suggestion] Cross plot building, in the sky

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  1. Ok so as many of you may know it is possible to build between plots on a single road above y 128. This is caused by a bug from increasing the build limit to 256. Why not turn this into a feature? I currently live at the crossroads of two double roads, I own two plots and my friends own the other two at this crossroads. While I can understand not allowing the modification of the roads itself, why not allow building say, 30 or so blocks above the road between two plots you have build permissions on? As a previous plugin developer I know for a fact that this would not be overly complicated to implement, though that being said I have no idea what the code is like with the current plugins. It might in fact be fairly difficult and cause a lot of lag depending on what is already in place. I would be happy to help with any coding (though you have no reason to trust me looking at the code). I feel as though this could be done by modifying the code that checks for build permissions, simply adding in an if statement or two. Again, I have no easy way to be sure that it would be that simple, but hey, I thought I'd suggest it!

    If you want any clarification feel free to ask!
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  2. It's not a bug. We are open to specific suggestions with this; although I have had an idea related to it - a bit time consuming to try and implement though...
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  3. Ah, well a staff member said it was a bug, if it's a feature then that would make it even easier to implement. But yes, I could see it being a little time consuming to implement.
  4. It is very much intended to extend over the road. and is an extra 'area' of the residence
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  5. I'd just like to see it work over double roads is the gist of this post haha
  6. It was a bug made into a feature, I guess I phrased that wrongly when I was talking to you :p
  7. ... it was never a bug. It is more of an inconvenience to go 2 blocks over the road than anything else.
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  8. So you're saying it's a bug?? :p

    (Kidding of course, don't smite me!)
  9. Could have sworn it was because the road build height went to 128 and then when Minecraft's build height increased to 256 when 1.2.1 was released (http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Altitude#History) and it just never got updated.
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  10. No. Not a bug.... My wording may have been bad. The admins decided at the time to use it as an opportunity to connect residences above the old build height which was inconvenient.
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  11. Under the road as well.
    When a res is unclaimed / reset it would need to reset that areas as well - all roads around, full height.
  12. It does. When you reset a residence, it resets two blocks out in every direction.
  13. Which didn't go so well for me, when I reset one of my residences and the path that I had changed had two blocks into it going back to normal... Had to get Rainbow to put it back to how I wanted it! :p
  14. I've wanted to bridge two of my Residences but haven't been able to for this same reason. What is the solution? It doesn't seem reasonable that I should have to pay 100k each to move them to a location where I can do what other people can do for free.
  15. If they are on plots next to each other, give yourself build on both and you should be able to bridge over as long as you are above y 128. This doesn't seem to work with the double wide roads, only the regular three block wide ones (I think)
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  16. I got that. The "same reason" I mention in my post is that there is a double road in between the Residences I am trying to bridge as referenced in the OP. I am building well above 128, but cannot build across because it is over a double wide road.

    Single roads are 4 wide, rather than three. Since you can build out two from each edge of a Residence this allows you to bridge them but only on sides where a single wide road is. Double roads are each 4 wide with an additional 5 blocks median between, leaving a 9 block gap .

    Unfortunately, the way the Towns were built, nearly every Residence has at most two single roads adjacent to them. The unlucky/uninformed people on the edge have one and the poor souls at the corners, none. This is one of the many things we aren't told about in the tutorial, and even if we were, most of us would not absorb the fact or use it if we did understand it.

    Also unfortunately, three years ago when I selected a Residence I had two friends move in next to me across the two single roads adjacent to my Residence leaving me with nowhere to go. The only choices I see for me involves a lot of work by unclaiming and moving then maybe(or maybe not) rebuilding on new plots, doing nothing, or paying 200k to move them both somewhere else assuming there are a couple of unclaimed plots in the arrangement I need .

    My post was asking for another solution. So far Chickeneer has said that he is open to suggestions, and I see discussion about whether this is a bug or a feature, but nothing specific that will help me or the original poster.

    A related problem as I see it is Biomes in Town. Supposedly we are all equal from the time we first log in onward. In addition to this road problem, some people log in and unknowingly are assigned or select a plot where they have to put up with things like Water freezing where they don't want it to, or a Biome change through the middle unless they pay a price. I'm not sure whether Snow Caps can be placed in Deserts, but that is a potential problem also. Conversely, we shouldn't be able to intentionally select a Residence with the purpose of producing Ice for a Shop unless we all can. Someone who wants Ice has to go to the Wild and collect it unless they can afford an alternate account, Supportership, or the Rupees for a Biome change.

    Imagine owning a Residence where Water, Redstone, or teleporters wouldn't work while they work at your neighbor's Residence. I see this as a similar issue. A player should be able to log in and pick a random Residence and have everything work the same as any other player's.
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  17. Whoops missed that part :p
  18. You know, I spent quite a bit of time thinking, writing, and proof-reading all seven of those paragraphs before I clicked "Post Reply".

    I know I can pay Rupees to work around this problem. I repeat: I know I can pay Rupees to work around this problem.

    Here I thought I was making a post agreeing with the original poster and explaining why along with the reasons I think there should be an alternative to paying Rupees.

    I would think that you of all people, Mister M1ner, posting as much as you do about fairness, equality, and Democracy, would agree that not all Residences are created equally and that none of us are informed of the differences when we first join. Or that we could understand what it meant or would even care if we knew at first enough to make an intelligent decision in claiming a Residence. Even knowing all that, our plans may change over time.

    I'll have been here three years in a few weeks. I don't think I should be penalized for a design flaw/feature that I was unaware of when I joined three years ago. Further, in the name of fairness, I think we should all be able to do this to any side of our Residence or none of us should. The same for Biomes. If anyone has to get Ice from the Wild we all should have to.
  19. About fairness:
    People can be fair, but it seems that fairness is not applicable to anything else like e.g. nature.

    (When I joined, while in the tutorial maze, I wrote down /v open and /claim :))

    I thought about res position and biome more as something that is good to be different, so you can choose. Some people will prefer to have more distance to their neighbors or even prefer to get some ice etc.

    I guess a fair solution would be to give every player one free res move (also across servers) and one free biome change.

    Regarding building over / under the roads, in my opinion it would be best if you could automatically build there if you have build permission on both adjacent plots.