[SUGGESTION] Anvil Mechanics

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  1. From my useful calculations of the worth of enchanted books based on rarity, ability, and quite frankly them working with other useful books, I have come up with a calculation.

    OP swords would cost you about 7,500r to create.

    This is horrendous. People should be able to use OP swords cheaply.

    Repairing should be cheap.

    Even though OP swords should cost that much to prevent any player from having one, I believe following vanilla and capping it at 39 levels permanently would solve this problem of cost.

    If these swords cost too much, having to buy over and over again, they will help decimate the economy (Looting III), however I can recognise the problems that would arise if the prices were too low.

    That is why I propose this solution to the problem.
  2. You do realize that all it would take is 7 days worth of voting at best to get one? 7 days if you ignore the diamonds and emeralds which you'll also get.

    In my opinion an OP sword, as the description implies, should be harder to get than a normal sword. Especially because its OP :)

    Aikar has already mentioned that the repair costs will be frozen again, so that is going to happen (if it hasn't already). Also, that comment was a confirmation, not a maybe ;)
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  3. A week is still pretty horrendous. 52 weeks in a year. If the sword lasts a week, half of that year is going to be saving up.
  4. IMO 7.5k is very reasonable...
  5. Not really.
  6. 7500r is actually really cheap, reasonable is an understatement and with xp being much more difficult to get now(not sure if you noticed but you could get 30 levels like 5+ times before in the time it takes to get it once now) 39xp levels is a pretty big price tag. if you want to use an enchanted sword, grab two diamonds and a stick and get 30 levels and 3 lapis. bam you have a pretty good sword for the cost of around 1-1.5k and only 3 levels. OP swords are OP and are not needed for every player on EMC. If you aren't going to use it or work to get it, you dont need it. Also, I will buy your entire stock of "OP" swords if you are selling them for 7500. Good luck actually making them for 7500 though because that is NOT going to happen. sharp V and unbr 3 cost almost that much without factoring in ench levels an anvil and the other books you are going to add to it, knockback, fire aspect, looting.
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  7. For the player who doesn't vote much and doesn't own inf. villager/iron farm/gold farm it is expensive.
    XP will still be easy for people who grind.
  8. I make over 7500 an hour mining. Its not expensive. That isn't even with my haste 2 beacon going. I almost double that with the beacon. I really cant think of many ways of making rupees that wouldn't make 7500 reasonably fast. If you are grinding mobs then you can make 7500r reasonably fast as well. Enraged mobs drop diamonds and all kinds if goodies.

    As far as iron farms, that doesn't seem like a very good way to get money. The output is horrible. Seems like most gold farms you aren't even going to make as much as I will mining. the villager thing, trade with villagers, you dont need a special one. You can make thousands of rupees really quick with villagers.
  9. The mechanics in place are vanilla if he changes to cap at 39 that's not vanilla.

    On a side note I dont vote often and dont own a shop and 8k a sword isn't a big deal.
  10. I'm pretty sure he reinstated the level 39 cap, am I wrong about that? Either way 39 levels now is not "easy" to get like it was in 1.7, takes much much much more xp/time/grinding
  11. I havnt tried it so im not sure. But making it harder to get should raise prices and that would be good for the economy. IMO
  12. I was under the wrong impression then.
  13. Just tried it, there isn't a cap. It says too expensive. guess I was wrong on that.
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