[Suggestion] Allow Infinity Mending bows again using custom crafting recipes

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  1. Hey EMC, as we all know infinity mending bows were removed some time ago, one of the reasons being you could shoot yourself infinitely and propel yourself using elytra. Since on EMC that is impossible anyway my suggestion is that this is re enabled, if possible. I know some people would say it helps balance the game, but realistically we can get infinite arrows anyway from farms so it's just adding a tedious extra step. Of course if you can think of any other reasons this shouldn't be brought back please let me know, thanks for reading! :)
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  2. There are still a ton of pre-update infity/mending bows out there too. It doesn't feel like something that should be unobtainable without spending a bunch of money. +1.
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  3. It was Mojang that removed the infinity+mending combo in vanilla. So this would deviate from vanilla to support a combination vanilla does not allow. I'm all for the suggestion but wanted to call out that it wasn't EMC that removed it :)
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  4. emc has a ton of deviations from vanilla. one huge one they are working on right now as I understand with the water. I don't find it inconvenient using just infinity bows. I use my bow a lot and I rarely have to make another one and when I do it costs me less than 2k to do so. Reinstating mending/infinity bows just seems very unnecessary.
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  5. Cupid's bow is infinity + unbreakable. Maybe violence is not the answer.
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  6. I think that the bows should stay unobtainable just because it makes them a bit more unique I’ve seen a player with 2 dc’s of them also I’m looking to buy one so pm me if you have one :p
  7. Trying to get that back would be cool but Mojang might have removed that for a reason so -2 from me
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  8. Never said they did :) In fact this whole suggestion rests on the fact that there is no reason within EMC for this

    I stated that reason at the beginning of the post and again just like I said to JP there is no reason for it on EMC
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  9. Perhaps as an expensive crafting recipe (theoretically more costly to obtain than the item itself) using the Dragon Tombs drops?
  10. Ah, so in 201.13? :rolleyes:
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  11. Whoa there, are you saying something could actually come of those items that were added in so long ago then massively deflated? Insanity!
  12. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  13. What I mean is actual boss drops (to be added, many years from now), not the dragon stones or the survival update 2.0 items.
  14. Or you know just revert a change that has no place on EMC.
  15. I doubt that Aikar is going to re-add something that was deemed "OP" by Mojang. He's the nerf all ;)

    If this could be readded, that would be great +1
  16. It was only deemed op as, again, they disabled it because you could shoot yourself to boost with elytra. But you can't do that on EMC so it's a pointless change.
  17. what of the players who foresaw this change and put time into making as many as they can before the update?
    i mean, i wouldn't like to see the value of my bows drop
    and i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who wouldn't like that :/
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  18. You're in the minority though, it's not fair to keep something rare that never should have to the benefit of a few.
  19. lets readd every promo with a none craftable enchant then
    lets make them all obtainable throughout the year just so everyone can benefit?
  20. It's not a promo though.