[Suggestion] Adding the 'Soulbound' effect to any item

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What do you think?

I agree. 9 vote(s) 19.1%
Needs tweaking. 21 vote(s) 44.7%
I don't like the idea. 17 vote(s) 36.2%
  1. Hi, my idea is to basically allow Supporters to add Soulbound to their items. It could cost a rupee fee too, maybe like 6k? I'm not really sure. But anyways, what do you guys think? (By the way: For anyone who doesn't know the Souldbound effect makes the item stay with you once you die, so you'll have it in your inventory once you respawn.)
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  2. I dont know if i like this idea....
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  3. I think its a great idea, but it would come at a hefty price tag...Also I think that emc special items arent allowed to be soulbouned if they arent already, because they get to keep their limited editioness :p ~FDNY21
  4. Never will happen, sorry
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  5. This is too over powered. Those people with millions of rupees can soulbound everything, which basically means there is no danger at all in adventuring. Since respawn with all your stuff.
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  6. Would be a cool idea, yet it is overpowered, and will never enter EMC
  7. I think it could be implanted if it costed a hefty price to make something soulbound. Like around 15,000 rupees per diamond tool, 10,000r per iron tool, 10,000r per bow, 20,000r per piece of diamond armor.

    This is a bad idea though, as you could go into a mob arena with no worries of losing your stuff.
  8. You guys use the 'n' word to much.

    Im not saying its something that is coming to EMC in any rush, but something like this, with the correct price tag, would actually be neat. Why not use this feature to bring those with 'millions of rupees' down to a different level. Nothing in minecraft that is worth soulbinding, is infinity use. I would vote that if something was made soulbound, make it final. No repairs, no additions. Charge some outrageous number, so if you do want to take a little fun out of the survival experience, you have to pay a heft price.

    This would do 2 things, get the rich turtlers out of town and into the wild with their valuables, and level some of that wealth. I think applied correctly it would be a neat feature.
  9. Thats true, but I cant see every mod agreeing with it... If mob arena comes back it would give people an unfair advantage getting to keep their stuff, but if they do have to pay very good money, what ISMOOCH said may actually make it a great feature
  10. as long as it cant be used in mobarena, is final and costs 20k i dont see an issue
  11. Yeah, that would be fair!
  12. Every mod does not agree with everything ... just like everything else in the world. However, I can promise you that things like Mob Arena (which is currently closed at the moment anyway), would be worked out before a feature is even added.
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  13. I think mob arena should be brought back, and anyone hassling the winner gets banned from the mob arena res, but until then, yes the soulbound feauture would be great :)
  14. This could used to scam the Winners of the Mob Arena, since they can wear god armor and god sword and Soulbound them and not lose them.
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  15. Tweaking for me=1 mil rupee each. Millionares do exist.
  16. I see all your points, and I agree with a lot of them. I would say that a very hefty price tag would most definitely be needed, and maybe, only supporters get the feature?
  17. another only-supporter feature offered by a supporter :mad:
  18. Tweak:10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000r to do this.Then it wouldn't be overpowered.
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  19. Exactly! What's the use of going on adventures into the wild without being in danger? Technically, that's the point of mining in the wild...it's fun. But losing all of your stuff and not finding it is a pain...
  20. aka, no...
    I actually think this idea would be cool to see it implemented, but I don't think it would be possible, because there would have to be a command like /enchant soulbound, which might be glitchy...