[Suggestion] Adding "Prayer Requests" on the forums list

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  1. I think it would be a good thing to add prayer requests on the list of forums so people can post about their problems (losing job, needing housing...) and people in the community can pray for them and encourage them and help them if they can.
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  2. We're obviously not a religion based forum, so I don't know if this would fit in well.
  3. Some people aren't Christians and we have to respect that... Even though I am, I still respect it and keep my religious beliefs to myself. This would really help for some people... I've been trying to die the past week
  4. You don't have to be christian to pray, you can be any religion or not have any religious ties at all. I go to a Private christian school and we pray everyday even though every isn't of the same religion or associate themselves with a religion..
  5. But some people just don't do it, or maybe do not like to do (you never know) You just have to respect that.
  6. Then they don't have to? Its not forcing them to pray, and Im not saying this is a good idea. I don't think it is. But was just stating that you don't have to be christian to pray.
  7. The problem is that some people associate prayer with religion. And if EMC were to associate itself with prayer, it opens up some potential problems. It's perfectly acceptable to open threads asking for prayer in other forums areas, just based on previous examples, as that is due to player content, not official, but a formal forum section might cause said problems.
  8. I think it's a good idea if you don't call it something with the word 'prayer' in it. Maybe just the encouragement area.
  9. I like the idea of having an area where we can encourage/pray/whatever for each other. As a non griefing community, we are already holding ourselves to a higher standard than other servers. Why not go a bit further and support each other in real life too?

    Don't get all caught up in political correctness of weather you are going to offend someone. Noone is being forced to pray here, and no one is being forced to play on the empire.

    I support this proposition.
  10. I don't think it should necessarily be a prayer section, but maybe called something else to stay away from the religious factor.
  11. Real life help and support.

    EMC really doesn't like being associated with anything religious, mostly because you know, conflicting opinions and beliefs..
  12. http://blahtherapy.com/
    If you really need to talk about your issues, this site I found is very helpful, even if you're not having issues, you can always help someone who does on this site.
  13. We can't really do this on EMC. We're not a religion based community, and last time somebody attempted to bring religion into EMC, it did not end well...

    I go to a Catholic school (It claims to be a Church Of England school too, but it's not. It's christian, like every other school in the UK) and I am forced to pray everyday in tutor. I mean none of it. I don't like praying. In my mind, it's better to not wish, but to rather make it happen. Praying counts as wishing, in my mind. And yeah, while you can't exactly cure your grandmother of cancer, you can make her last days her best. I think that's better than sitting around, wishing for some kind of cure. The cure for cancer probably won't be invented for a long time now, if ever, (there are multiple 'strains' of it, and it's not a disease).

    And also huge, 10 page-long flame wars consisting of just about everyone in the community who uses the forums...
  14. I agree, we have a school prayer we say every day in the morning. Although they say if you aren't religious you should still pray to be respectful, but I still don't pray or if I do I say it very very quietly. I hate that I am also forced to go to school-wide masses or religious gatherings as well.
  15. I think everyone is missing the point. The point is encouraging and really being a community with each other. you don't have to pray. Sometimes people have real life issues they need someone to talk to about it. The idea was to support one another in that regard.
  16. What?!?!
    I think a real life support section or something of the sort would be nice.
    In tha case, everyone could give advice and those who are religious could pray :)
  17. Well, from someone who isn't really religious (aka me. lol :p)
    I think that... It would be okay to do this, however on the condition that ALL religions are considered equal on the forums...
    Unless you cannot do that, there is no place for it on the forums. Just like politics. >_<
  18. If you really feel this way please go to:



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    Tell them what's happening, they help lots of people daily and most of them have felt like you .

    If you want to be more personal: message me, I'd love to help :)
  19. Not a fan of this idea because of 2 reasons:
    Joke prayers
    We only get 1 prayer request per month
  20. I think it would be encouraging for people to post when there's a specific section for it. Like, they're not sure if they want to post about it, but now there is a specific section for it they will. I still don't think that there are that many threads with that intention created every week though, so I think when you put something like [PRAYING NEEDED] or anything like that in the thread title it will fit well in the miscellaneous section.
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