[Suggestion] Add Last In-Game Seen Date/ Time to Forums

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  1. Oof. I must say I am not surprised! xD

    I am glad to see that something came out of this suggestion, since it's not possible with the current version of Xenforo-- This is what is great about EMC-- The staff are very open and willing to listen to suggestions from the community, and despite it not being possible in this case, I am glad this has created another idea
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  2. I'll have to discuss it with the other SS and Krysyy/Aikar first, to see if that could even be an option. I was thinking only your own, but would you want to see other player's?

    Like I said, not a web developer though, so that's just my best guess.

    And yeah, I love it when player comments give me ideas for things like this :D
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  3. It's very cool indeed! :D
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  4. I think if you're trying to track someone down it's nice to see if they've only been logging in for a couple minutes at a time (rather than playing all day). At the moment, I can tell that someone's been on, but it's hard to know if they've been active, if that makes sense. So, yes. I would like that.
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  5. I don't see why this shouldn't be possible, as the data is available and is already used in other site(s). Just need to find a nice location to plop the search in. :)

    I personally would also like to be able to see other players (alts, friends, people you need to find for whatever reason). Maybe make the command just like the "/res list" command - so that not including a name gives your own times, and including a name that of others? :)
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  6. Aikar is this remotely possible? :)
  7. If something like this is done, I think it should be as part of a profile upgrade to more tightly integrate the site with ingame, which is unlikely to happen without a Xenforo update.
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  8. Understandable. Any idea when this update for Xenforo is coming?
  9. Never, hopefully. I mean, I somewhat trust Aikar, but not as much anymore now that we've got a significant bug not being worked on for months and months, because he thinks the Minecraft server is more important (and it might be).
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  10. Might? That bug is not signficant. It's a very uncommon usage case, and you can still use the search system with "Posted By Member"

    So yes, the server is quite more important by large orders of magnitude.
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  11. You cannot. As far as I have found (I have spend quite some time looking) there is no current way of searching through all theads made by a certain member, which would be/is something really usefull if you're looking for a thread but don't remember the exact name. What you describe also gives a player's posts, which easily flood making it practically impossible to find the thread.
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  12. Oh, do you have access to statistics on the search requests? That's interesting. I had expected it to be a lot more common.
    But... how can you still use the search system? It gets me "The search could not be completed because the search keywords were too short, too long, or too common."
  13. Less than 80 people in past 3 weeks~ roughly.

    But I was able to Search by Member in the search system in top right corner.

    It's not "By Thread", but It should still help you find a specific persons content.
  14. somewhere between the next 3 blue moons.

    honestly, I wouldnt count on it anytime soon. We have too much to do in game.

    Now, that's not to say we won't add new forum additions.
    I'm saying we may just be accepting staying on the old version, and add stuff on top of it.
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  15. Well, um, it doesn't work. So of course you're not going to get many requests, most people remember by now that it doesn't work.
    Oh. I am not. Moreover, as Jelle pointed out, the posts would flood the results. By this point, this has been broken for about 5 months, if I recall correctly. If I'd want to find all of ShelLuser's threads from the past 5 months, I'd have way too many posts to sift through.
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  16. *bumps old thread*

    Aikar, can we at least say that this is not denied, just pending hopefully an eventual update, or some way possible eventually able to be done on the current Xenforo version? :)
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  17. Any and all forum suggestions such as these that require code are not going to even be looked at until the forums update, or at least the 1.13 update. Aikar's focus is currently on updating us to 1.13 and he does not have time to comment on all suggestions.

    Consider it tabled til then.,as it has been since this thread: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/suggestion-p-lookup-on-site.27416/
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