[Suggestion] Add Last In-Game Seen Date/ Time to Forums

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  1. I think it would be nice to see the last in-game seen date/ time on profile pages, and maybe even which server they were last seen on. Not quite sure on the bridge part of the idea, though I do know a bit about Xenforo. I find it a bit annoying that I must go in-game quickly to see when a friend was last seen, especially considering I work quite a bit.

    Perhaps, I am just over exaggerating a small issue, but if it's not too hard on the programming side, I do not see why this cannot be added :p

    I do want to note that I believe people should be able to hide this feature as they wish, just like the current last seen on the forums feature.
  2. +1. I just had to log into the game and the forums to see if I could figure out when someone had last been around. Would be so useful to do it in one place.
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  3. +1, no more logging in to see how dead people are
  4. +1
    (As well as derelict timer (also known as time since last vote)
  5. Sounds like fun, +1
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  6. +1 if it's indeed easy to add :)
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  7. Good idea! +1
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  8. I like your idea and Tuqs +1
  9. Honestly if /p day counter counted in the Month, day, year cycle on the first login... That would be super nice.
  10. it should be like this:
    First Empire Log In: 1 day ago (Jul. 22, 2018)
  11. Precisely
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  12. +1
    I would also appreciate being able to see your own "last seen" time whenever you logged in. I'm always curious
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  13. +1 I support
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  14. I doubt this is possible with the current version of XenForo, as the usual line goes ;) I'm not a web developer though, so I have no idea what is/isn't possible on the web end.

    This gave me an idea of doing a /sessionlog command that allows you to view your last 5 log in date & times, and when you hover over the log in time it will show what date/time you logged out for that session.

    Aikar already gave his approval, so I'll be adding that later on down the road ;)
  15. +1, but if emc cant do pvp firefloor they cant do this...

    im kidding please dont ban me :aikar:
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  16. PvP Firefloor is possible, just not in the actual like, FireFloor arena. Cause it sort of kind of breaks things... Not that I would know from experience or anything :rolleyes:

    Making a pseudo-firefloor arena in Funland on Games allows me to make a PvP firefloor. Post 1.13 update, I'll look into seeing if we can easily enable/disable pvp at the FireFloor arena for pvp rounds, so we don't have to use Funland staff reses :p
  17. Does this proposed command let you view someone else's last five log in times?