[SUGGEST HERE] What do YOU want adding to the EMC site?

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  1. Hey community! As you've probably seem, Aikat (meow) has been busy changing round bits of the site to make it more fancy, and work better. However, I'm sure loads of you guys have some great ideas on what should still be added. So...

    What are your site suggestions?
    If your epic idea is added, you'll earn a nice 1000 rupees. This only applies if you post that idea first on this thread. Also, smaller things are nice - big things, like site commands aren't really suited for on this thread.

    I can't wait to hear what you all want... so... lets hear your suggestions! :D
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  2. Add site commands or a chat box?
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  3. Add a clearer link to the IRC,and change the big Support button under TEXP to a bigger Vote button.
    And #makehashtagswork.
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  4. Add a way to list people by days on, site likes, ABC, etc. I hate when i don't know the full name of a person but i know i would recognize them if i saw their name.

    Also, a way to search people by threads so that it only comes up with their threads and not posts.
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  5. One button that auto opens a selection of voting sites that you choose? You checkmark each website you want to open and click open, then in new tabs it opens them. Some people like to vote on some but not all sites at once.
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  6. Update to Xenfro 1.2 :p
    More leaderboards would be cool though, like voting or maybe some rupee ones like most rupees earned, most spent etc. (but some people might not like that >.>)
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  7. Less social networky.

    Also, does this include adding site plugins and such? Or is only Justin allowed to do that?
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  8. You can suggest whatever. Not saying it'll happen, but you can suggest it. :p
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  9. Thought of another (well already been suggested in suggestion box) more trophies! :)

    Also you should a chat box to the website. I think that would be cool :D
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  11. Add an Economic Section totally replacing the rupee logs and everything. Rupee logs should be changed entirely, and your chest shops, and everyone else's, at your fingertips. Average prices, and other things. And at the same time, try to get Aikar's "I'm going to ruin the economy by replacing it with another system that is by far more efficient but not everyone wants it" thing.
    I've always thought that since EMC is an Economy/Town/Survival/Original Idea... Why not make the Economic Part original too. A lot of servers just have it in game, but at least EMC has rupee logs. Why not a whole new market place located on the site? It'd take a lot of time to code, but would be very cool and something that I myself would use a lot.
  12. I agree a shoutbox would be cool. Just right on the forum list page, at the top center make a shoutbox :)
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  13. Add a list (that constantly updates) of all the current supporters. Would be good to have a page that acknowledges us for our contribution to the Empire :D
  14. Like the SUPPORT! Button, you should also add a large VOTE! Button :)
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  15. A way to customize the tabbed set-up to change if you want the forums tab to come before the home tab or something.

    Ability to subscribe to a specific forum so you can be updaed every time a new auction has been posted.

    Ability to add specific forums ( Auction, suggestion box, etc ) to the tabbed list at the top.

    Have a title under your " new member, active member, or well-known member" saying if the person is following you or you are following them. If non of the above then just blank.
  16. Perhaps you could make use of the built in RSS feeds to do this.
  17. We need it to where the alert tab and inbox tab show all convos and alerts not just recent ones.
  18. Less become a supporter buttons, with the addition of the next new one today or yesterday, it seems a bit to greedy with like three to five buttons that lead to the exact same page
  19. Remember, those supporters and support buttons are the things that allow you to play here for free 24/7. The more supporters EMC gets, the more stuff we can add.
  20. I do understand that, and I am not saying otherwise. Was the one button not suffice for the upgrades? Adding two buttons with the same function in less than a months time just doesn't send the right message to me
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