[Suggesiton] What I would like changed. (Bias opinions)

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  1. Hey there, many of you may not agree with me and I have little to no experience with some of this. I just want to see some things changed/removed/added.

    Marlix and Momentus
    • No longer summons minions or draws you in (sort of)
      • Instead, they can use some special powers
        • Marlix
          • Arrow Rain: 15 or so arrows spawn some distance above you
          • Grapple Arrow: When it hits you, it pulls you closer to the Marlix. Replaces the pull in and makes it sound better.
        • Momentus:
          • Smash: A title pops up (MOMENTUS SMASH!) and flings the player a number of blocks up depending on how close you are.
          • No damage at all from arrows
    Spawn Residences

    • I believe that once members become senior staff, they should move their residence away from Town spawn. I do not mind them having residences, but they are making it impossible for others to have it on their favorite server.

    • This is the more minority and biased opinion. I believe it should be removed and made so people should make their own farms. It is contributing to the low value of ender pearls and is basically influencing exp farms, which I am against. It's a pay-2-control the enderpearl economy.

    • I think that it should start dropping on death, at least drop half. Aikar has stated this:

      to a suggestion to lower anvil costs. The fact that exp never drops contributes to the easy gain of exp. There's no way to lose it other than a good way, you only gain!
    Bring back the "Copy of" part of book cloning

    • It makes me annoyed that Aikar changed this immediately without doing it the better way.
    • Add a command (/print) or add a custom crafting table that makes it so you do not have the "Copy of" on the books. It was one of the reasons I wanted 1.8 and it is gone.
    Blocked Items

    • I would really like it if the invisibility potion is brought back soon. It has been gone for too long.
    • Allow fire charges to at least act like flint and steel.
    Bring back normal villager trades

    • I really don't see a reason it was changed in the first place.

    • This I could care less about, but remove it dropping via killing and make it strictly charged creeper killing. (In 1.8, a mob drops its head when killed by charged creeper)
    That is it for now. I look forward to the replies. :)
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  2. Instead of the exp being lost(or at least half) on death, make it so if you go back to the death location you can retrieve that xp. This could make it at least a bit nicer to the person who died :).
  3. It's already sort of like that in Vanilla. I do want some exp loss even if you retrieve it.
  4. First of all, I don't mind Senior Staff having town spawns. They were originally players too, and spent time getting those residences, so why lose them. Second, Endertopia is perfectly fine. Not a lot people use it because spawns are lower than other enderman farms. Third and final, bringing back invisibility potions is overall a bad idea. They are blocked for a reason.
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  5. In my opinion, with how much this server has demonized and nerfed archers.. Only about 5% of arrows seem to do Momentus any damage, the rest just pass right through him, leaving him unharmed..
  6. It has been gone because of griefing reasons. There are ways to bring it back, they are just putting it on the back burner for a while now.

    Spent time getting spawn residences? I do not think so.
  7. I do not like the risk gauge myself, but I didn't bother mentioning it.

    Momentus is a melee mob mini boss which drops great stuff, I don't want him being killed easily from afar.
  8. My spawn residences were attained prior to senior staff rank.
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  9. I'm aware of that.
  10. I agree with Krysyy, Even if Krysyy is an admin she is still the same Krysyy that we knew when she wasn't staff. So she is allowed to keep those residences because she got it fair.
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  11. Marlix and Momentus
    +1 for Marlix., -1 for Momentus. I still think Momentus should be able to draw you in, and whatever damage a player manages to do with a bow (it's very little) should stay.

    Spawn Residences
    If a member obtained a spawn residence, they should keep it, regardless of their senior staff status. And it is still possible to obtain them, depending on the member you're talking to.

    There are plenty of other public enderman farms. If it was gone, players would just obtain enderpearls elsewhere. Endertopia is convenient and makes for a nice supporter bonus.

    Maybe 25% drop in the wastelands and the frontier? I disagree with an xp drop in town (PvP and Mob Arena). I think you're overestimating the effect no xp drop has on the enchanting process, though. Most players who spend the time to repair an item don't die.

    Blocked Items
    Invisibility pots should show the player as being translucent. +1 for fire charges.

    Heads are hard to get as is. I say keep it as it is. Makes me wonder though... is the charged creeper killing blocked on EMC, and if not, does it follow a player's setting for head drops? If not, there's a problem there. I'm not going to wait for a charged creeper to spawn and risk a head, though.
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  12. You agree that she obtained it prior to being senior staff? I guess it's okay to agree with a fact.
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  13. I agree that she obtained it prior to staff and should keep it.
  14. hehehe.. Fixed.. :p
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  15. But they don't want rupees.. they have unlimited.
  16. I was referring to the auction of that one spawn residence as well as to non-staff owned spawn residences that might be willing to sell if the price was right.. xD
  17. That wasn't a staff residence, was it?

  18. Don't you dare. 1.8 screwed with my books enough as it is.
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