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  1. Hi all!

    For those who are unaware the Stream Team has launched a new youtube channel!

    There you will soon find different event Showcases, Official Empire Events, Early Morning Empire Highlight reels (although due to the frequency of those in particular this thread will not be bumped for every new highlight video), along with various future projects!

    Note: This Thread will be used to promote videos and up incoming projects!

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    DaybreakerMC's Channel:
  2. Woo! I'm very glad to announce my EMC-based short film "The Day the Lightning Struck", recounting the events that took place on Games last weekend with a bunch of fun Senior Staff trolling. I was originally just going to post it to the "Funny Staff Moments" thread, but then uh... I might have taken most of the funny out of it in turn for a more serious-toned dramatic approach. Nonetheless, this has been an awesome test of my cinematic ability and has allowed me to pour my creativity into another story (which I always love)!

    The Day the Lightning Struck premieres Thursday, July 22nd, at 1:00 PM EST. I hope to see you there, and I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Thank you to everyone who watched the premiere! I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope anyone who watches this fun experiment in the future also enjoys it. I have many more ideas on the narrative side of things, so who knows what I'll make next. Perhaps I'll witness some random happening, or perhaps I've got a thoroughly thought out plot in the works. We'll see, but for the time being it's back to event showcase videos and highlight reels for me!
  4. im not sure what I just watched.....
  5. Hey all!!!!
    The Stream Team is launching a podcast!!! Our debut episode will launch Friday afternoon! Our first guest will be none other than Krysyy!!!! Let me know who you would like to see and what are some topics/questions you would like me to ask for future guests!!!
    More details to follow!!!
  6. The first episode of the Empire Podcast is out now! The guest was the one and only Krysyy! It's got some very fascinating topics and I highly recommend you all give it a listen!

    Who do you want to hear on next?
    What topics do you want to hear discussed?
    Do you have a better name than Empire Podcast?
    If so, we're always open to suggestions!
  7. And that's a year wrapped! Thank you to everyone who took part in or watched Stream Team content! We're glad to have got the ball rolling again, and we hope to make 2021 another epic year for the Stream Team!

    Over the year I've built my channel upon "Event Showcases," starting with Mman's Millionaire Mountain and most recently covering the Zahnenn Halloween Event. As you may have noticed, there were a lot of events I missed out on making an event showcase for. This was all due to business in the schedule (mainly university overloading my schedule). However, I would not want these amazing events to go unseen! I've created a compilation cinematic of the events I recorded replays for - but missed the immediate showcase release for. I'm glad to visually place these events in the legacy of EMC, and I hope you all enjoy!

    Events Showcased:
    Breakfast Bonanza hosted by MoreMoople
    Ippy's Birthday hosted by fighter_Ethan
    DrMadFate's Birthday hosted by PupInAction
    Twisted Tuesday hosted by Krysyy
    Timelord Tuesday hosted by Krysyy
    Tasty Tuesday hosted by Krysyy
    Happy Thanksgiving EMC! hosted by MoreMoople
    12 Days of Christmas: Chest Hunt Event built by Build Team

    Once again, thank you! I'm looking forward to all the awesome events that will be hosted on EMC in 2021!
  8. Deadmon5 and I sat down to discuss the state of the Stream Team, including EME, the Empire Podcast, and future projects! Check it out here:

    Also join the official Stream Team Discord to keep up to date with videos, streams, and spur of the moment recording sessions!
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  9. I challenged the legendary deadmon5 to a match of Deathswap! It was a ton of fun and we hope you enjoy the video we got out of it:

    Also, remember to join the official Stream Team discord server!
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