Stew's Ghast Shop (1.9 Prep)

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  1. Hi everyone! With 1.9 coming soon, I have decided to sell ghast tears (and the occasional head).

    Tears: 125r/ea (0 Stacks in stock)
    Ghast Heads: 8000r/ea (0 heads in stock)

    Shop is currently OOS, May restock in a few days... after I have fun with 1.9.
    This shop is temporary and stock is limited currently :).
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  2. Where is it? lol
  3. Sure, but were?
  4. Added it... dont know how I forgot the one thing that mattered... :p
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  5. Why are ghast tears needed for 1.9?

  6. #RespawnEnderDragon
  7. ah
  8. Awesome, Im gonna buy heads!! Oh and everything else :D
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  9. Now dragon stones have no use :p
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  10. Land Claiming. :)
  11. I thought that was with tokens...