Stew's Ghast Shop (1.9 Prep)

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  1. bump, heads OOS.
  2. bump, 1.9 soon!
  3. bump. shop will be only selling endercrystals once we hit 1.9
  4. Still have about 2 stacks. Once 1.9 is out not sure if I will go to hoarding them to myself.

  5. lol, I foresee this item being unusable or at least blocked or disabled in Empire for the foreseeable future because of the sheer amount of mob griefing that the dragon does.. xD ..Can you imagine several dragons being let loose in places where people have spent hours upon hours working on things such as enderspawners.. xD
  6. Well we have end wastes now for a reason. :)
  7. Bump, I put a stack of tears in there. Wont be restocking for a bit.