Stew's Ghast Shop (1.9 Prep)

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  1. pretty sure it had to do with Dragon tombs, no?

    considering you need Dragon stones to do Dragon tombs...
  2. Isnt dragon tombs about respawning the ender dragon?
  3. See Here. Plans may have changed in the last couple years, but Im pretty sure its the same underlying principal.
  4. BUMP!

    I had to raise the price from 115/ea to 120/ea in order to keep up with supply/demand.

    However, I do expect them to go up even more than this as we get even closer to 1.9. Mainly due to supply and demand yet again.
  5. Is your head a stew?
  6. No. I am selling ghast heads... not my head?...
  7. Whoops. Misunderstood the first sentence then.
  8. Added some more stock. Adding all but Regen 2 tomorrow potions wise.
  9. bumping...
  10. need ALL the ghast heads
  11. Yeah, I can see you have taken me out of stock on heads. Will try and force them to give me their heads.
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