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  1. Dear EMC Community,

    Most of our rules have been in place for a VERY long time. However, the specific implications of those rules (how our staff punishes for breaking them) has evolved over time, through both experience and player input. It's been quite some time since we asked the community for input on what you all believe appropriate punishments should be for our most common offenses, so here we are.

    Please fill out the survey. It is only a short 10 question survey, with an optional section to go-to-town with input on how our staff team is performing. As a favor to myself and other staff, if you have any complaints, criticisms, or praises, we ask that you are very detailed in this section. This allows us to better address the issues, or determine the areas that don't need addressing.

    Also, please keep your staff review/comments limited to the staff actions in the last year. We are using this survey to possibly make changes to our CURRENT staff actions in order to be better for the future. If you comment about something from years back that has likely already been addressed, this skews the data for what the community of right now feels and hinders staff's ability to determine areas for improvement accurately.

    Click here to take the survey: CLICK ME!
  2. Well then, this looks interesting
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  3. Ok cool. Could be beneficial
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  4. glad to see we have the ability to provide feedback!
  5. Tip: it might be better to do this on a "not phone", as on my phone I couldn't see what I was typing on the last page, which was a bit annoying. :p

    I'm happy to see such a survey again. :)
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  6. more forum and survey polls woohoo... might I be able to convince the staff to play on their server to determine what people actually playing on emc think and feel about it? every time i see a poll on something related to the server(obviously that has the results public unlike this one) the poll results and what I am told by those playing vary by leaps and bounds.

    edit: had similar issue to tomvan but I am on a computer so... Don't think its just a phone thing but that it isn't formatted for several paragraphs worth of text ;)
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  7. Staff gave me a fish, RAW and renamed "Marriage Fish"! This is unacceptable because if it isn't fresh caught and not properly refrigerated, I could get worms in my system. Staff needs to practice some cooking skills ;)
  8. Results will be public, as with almost all of our surveys.

    The fact of the matter is that it's not possible for me to force players to fill out the survey. It's like that with any survey system anywhere. The players that fill out the survey are those that wish to have their voice heard. If you don't vote, then you aren't actively shaping EMC. While I would LOVE for every player to vote actively so I can get a clean 100% what players think picture, such a case is never going to happen. We are putting this in-game through a broadcast as well, so players have plenty of notice, but it's still up to them. At the end of it, we use the results as a snapshot of what some players feel, partnered with other data from personal inquiries, etc in order to make actual changes to EMC, or not.
  9. so that's a no then
  10. Actually, it's more like a 'we do this, but not in a direct manner like you think'.
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  11. the question was about staff actually playing on the server, getting on the server once for a few minutes isn't what i was asking

    Ancienttower, carolmoss. other than that I rarely see any staff online.
  12. I apologize. Your comment made it sound like you wanted staff to go on the server to directly ask players what they thought, which is what I was mentioning we address, but in a different manner.

    A for staff activity, I am 100% in agreement with you that staff should be online and IN game whenever possible. We are working on activity and actively reviewing staff applications currently to bring more online. However, I can attest that many more staff are online than what you may see because you are in a different time zone than they are.
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  13. yeah, i used to play on all timezones. I usually miss the 8-12pm rush of people but I doubt i miss much after that lol.
  14. Opps it pressed submit before I could type I'm sorry if you want me to finish what I would like me to say just ask it cuts of mid sentence
  15. I didn't think I'd write another essay today... I assume using "bad words" would not be a problem?..
  16. My way to describe staff actions ...I mean I happened you know, some live and learned and, in the most part, we all received some experience. I think that's what matters, and this surveys purpose is to have the Staff in general strive to meet our expectations, and the expectations that they promise of the server, which by all means meets all my satisfaction requirements
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  17. people seem to have strong opinions and should fill out the survey :)
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  18. How long will this be open?
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  19. I like surveys
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  20. It good to revisit rules from time to time and standardise how staff act in respect of them being broken. I don’t feel able to contribute to the survey as my experience of dealing with unruly players is out of date.

    I would add this though, just for a bit of fun :D: -

    There are two types of player, those who get banned and those who do not.

    As for those who don’t get banned, here we have two categories of players- those who break the rules but don’t get caught and those who just don’t break the rules.

    Then there are those who do break the rules with an endless list of categories ;): -

    First, we have the reasoners: – but, but they said, she said, he said we said, bla bla bla

    Then we have the excusers: – it was my friend brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, aunty, next door neighbor but not me,

    I only left my computer to go to the loo, my - - - - - must have done it when I was away.

    It was not me-sers – I must have been hacked

    My friend, brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, aunty, next door neighbor, made me do it,

    I didn’t see that rule,

    I am not flying, it's lag my computer is very slow: - as they zoom around the server using X-ray looking for loot

    What banned mods,

    What rules,

    What’s a Wiki

    I will tell my dad/mom-sers

    Yeah it was me I just want to get banned-sers