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  1. Look here I love these servers, I have played on them for a really long time. I love them and always will continue to play them. What really onnoys me is how if you say one thing, people have to come back you with over obsessive complaints on what you did. Im sick of how if I said OMG in chat I have to get the whole server coming at me with Caps., Watch the caps man. Caps bro. caps. And do I feel like ignoring all these guys cause of the over obsessive complaints on my 3 letter use of caps. No do I have to have other players constantly tell me what to do over little thing I aint perfect on here.Ive talked to people about this and it's always the "rules". Will a little thing like this break the rules? Does it really matter? Will it kill you if I use a little amount of caps? Does it hurt your game experience? Does it hurt you individually? No. Im tierd of being pesterd about all these little rule breakings. They aint hurting the server or nobody. please stop it. I don't care what you ghuys have to say about this.I think it neaded to be said for some people. I dont want any negative comments here. Im not looking to be rude either.
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  2. I'm not trying to be rude but instead of posting a thread about this issue it would be more effective to contact a community manager such as ICC. He is the one to talk to about this kind of deal. ICC wants to make your EMC experience better and I hope it gets better.
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  3. Welp I gots the same problem. I use caps for ONE STINKIN' WORD just because nobody can read the entire message :mad: !! For example:
    <gabeli> [player] can u got get me some OAK LOGS plz
    <[player]> sure
    <[a different player]> no caps
    *player brings back all kinds of woodplanks
  4. I don'tthink it needs to be anything big. Just saying to those people who do do it to other players.
  5. I'm sorry to laugh, but that is actually kinda funny.

    I agree, caps on one word or a couple letters should be over looked, people shouldn't be screaming "dude caps!" unless you're using caps for every letter. I forget which smp I was on, but I actually saw someone tell another person "You can't use even one capital letter" and I was dumbstruck that people take this rule SO literal.
  6. Its crazzy Its always happend Ive never seen anything done about it.
  7. There is a chat rule (I remember hearing this somewhere on the wiki or the commandments). While caps it not allowed, it is just as bad as a million people saying "caps" in town chat. People seem to ignore it though. People should let moderators moderate. If someone is caps-ing a lot, then use report but if it is a one time thing, ignore it.
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  8. Lol so just realized that when YOU use caps you break a rule but when EVERYONE tells you no caps there breaking the spamming rule
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  9. The rule is actually: ◦Yelling in all caps is spamming. http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/rules/

    I try to remember that most of the people here are young and many have a hard time navigating the gray areas of life. Rather than reason through it, it's a black and white thing to some.

    I probably wouldn't complain if you let loose with an occasional OMG myself. I especially would not complain if you mix an uppercase word in with lowercase text in order to EMPHASIZE it. If it started to seem like your Shift key was stuck, we might have a problem though.

    As long as you aren't truly breaking the rules, I would try not to let it bother me if I were you.
  10. Its onnoying in chat
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  11. Better lighten up on that punctuation ma'am.

    IceCreamHorse makes a good point also. What's worse: one person saying "OMG", or fifty people following that by saying "No caps!". I prefer the former so I usually let little things like that pass.

    It might be annoying but not worth getting upset over. If you are letting them make you upset, they are controlling you.
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  12. I'll just jump in and say that since "OMG" is technically an acronym, then people shouldn't be complaining about caps much like people don't complain about caps when someone says "EMC."
  13. First of all, just don't use all caps. :) Obviously, you can use a capital letter in some words as per proper use of written English.

    The only people who can enforce server rules, are moderators, and staff/devs. :)

    It's good that the community supports the rules and step up to make others aware. However, I can understand how frustrating it can be to get bombarded by comments from people who misunderstand the rules, or are overly zealous about calling people on them.

    As the servers are becoming ever more popular, we're getting scores of people joining a day. So everything gets busier, including the chats. It is just something we'll have to adjust too.

    There is good reason that caps and spam are not allowed in chat. If you allow it once, 1000's of others will follow.
  14. I have this problem too. Also it is easy to bump the caps key, and as mba said it is an acronym so thats like not capitalising an I.
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  15. I know this is off topic but I HATE it when this happens
    <gabeli> Hey guys! Check out my thread empire.com/whatever
    <[1player]> no advertising
    <[2player]> ^ yes no advertising
    <gabeli> the heck!? This is for OUR forums!! If I'm advertising, its for EMC THIS SERVER
    <[3player]> stack of diamonds for auction! Click here ---> empire.com/whateverauction
    <[2player]> cool!
    <[1player]> sweet!!
    none of these links exist

  16. <NZScruffy> Watch the caps please gabeli.
    <NZScruffy> Posting links to Empire forum stuff is ok, just don't advertising competing servers.

    Again, you'll just have to handle it. I know it's a change from what EMC players have been used to for so long. But now that we're being advertised in the top 10 of some server listings, we're getting a lot more attention from a lot more players. Just remain calm, and clarify the rule for thew new players who don't know.
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  17. No one has ever been injured from reading caps and caps don't require more resources to display, so why do we have a rule against them? Using caps in a lower case environment makes the caps chat stand out more. If you use caps it is akin to you saying WHAT I HAVE TO SAY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS SAYING and is just rude. Using caps within a sentence to EMPHASIZE a point is a reasonable use if used sparingly.

    We encourage community enforcement of our rules. At one point we were getting reports for slightest misuse of caps (and plenty for proper use too). There was so many reports that by the time a moderator had reached a report it was at least quarter of an hour old. We decided that if instead of reporting every instance of a chat rule being broken, it would better if players highlighted the mistake in chat and if continued chat rule breaking occurred then use report. Before we used to first give a warning then a kick if they continue, now we count the community highlighting the mistake as a warning and the next step is a kick. Unfortunately this resulted in nearly everyone in chat responding and creating a wall of "caps". A new chat rule was introduced:-
    • While a player spamming in capital letters disrupts Chat, 15 players saying "Caps" or "Spam" at once is more disruptive. If you see that someone has already highlighted the mistake there is no need for you to add your voice too.
    If players are breaking this rule please feel free to inform them of the rule and report if they continue to do so.
  18. Somebody had to say this thought it was gonna be me, thank you lol!
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  19. back when i was younger to emc i would just ignore habitual caps users. to me every time you use caps you are yelling at me. in fact soemtimes when i read things back on mumble i yell when someone is talkin in all caps. so really the caps thing should fall more under the rudeness category

    read this and yell (possibly in your head) when there is caps
    im selling OAK LOGS at 12249 stop by TODAY

    as you can see for a person like that its annoying and rude.
    so if you dont want to be reprimanded for caps by the community dont use them :)
  20. When people do make abuse of caps I just ignore them. They are yelling at me, I do not care what they want to say anymore. I do often not tell them about it though, because often somebody else will say "caps!" or the person in question will say "soz for caps"
    On the forums I use italic for caps, because capitalizing every letter comes accross as yelling to me, but of course minecraft doesn't support things like italic or underlined, so I do understand why people use capitals for a certain word to emphasize it.