Something Fishy 8 Feb (4EMC/9GMT)

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  1. 8th Feb.
    Host: AnonReturns
    Time: 16:00 Pm EMC time
    Place: Will be announced shortly before Event

    Location will be broadcast before each event,
    Timing and days will change based on the host so I recommend checking the event calendar at for details ahead of time. There I will be posting a general idea of the each mod’s event.

    First event's details are as follows:

    What: Fishing, plain or extreme version.
    When/where: Check

    Things to remember
    • Bring supplies! The event might take you to the waste, so be prepared with food, gear, weapons, tools. and materials to make fishing poles
    • All EMC rules apply
    • Mumble: Join us in mumble during the event. Connection instructions at:
    Special credit goes to DanialBuchinger for submitting this idea in the Suggestion box
  2. Cool!
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  3. Ooo, sounds fancy :p Thanks Dram!
  4. Awesome can't wait to fish!
  5. Hrmm will October be long enough :eek:
  6. This event just starts in October. It will continue afterwards...
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  7. Just meant will all the events :p
  8. A fishing event!?
    I did NOT see this coming! :p

    Let's be honest, should special credit be given to one person who suggests a fishing event when others have already stated it?
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  9. Fishin' O boy :D
  10. Let's be honest, does it really matter? If Dramanya wants to give credit to the person that specifically made her get the ball rolling, that's her place to say.
  11. So many events. o_o
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  12. Yay! If it's possible, I have a Fishing Dock/lake that could be used =P Just an idea! I will be sure to come.
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  14. I wish I could do this event with you guys... ;-;
  15. Clever editing skills you have there =P
  16. Extreme fishing?!?!?! SO MUCH YES!
  17. :D I got mad MS Paint skillz.
  18. Extreme... fishing? How is this even possible?

    Anyways, I made this animation for fun :p
  19. I dont know but I want to know

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