[solved] Theres a hacker

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  1. Probably not the guy from years back saying something about CrabCraft. :p
  2. Anyway, both me and Whiskas are changing our passwords (Well, technically I'm doing it for him as I have access in order to keep things safe if something exactly like this happened.)
  3. Wonder if this is the 300k members... "surprise"... :p
  4. Now that I think about it, we are all ultimately doomed...
    After three years, Mr_Tiny has finally finished guessing staff passwords and he is here to destroy us all!!!:eek::eek::eek:

    >.> Way to steal my thunder lol:p
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  5. Yay!
    If it is, I don't want to stick around for our birthday.
  6. It wont be by a mod. If you guys have noticed drug talk is banned, same with spamming. So why would staff spam drug talk and worry us?
  7. That is exactly what I mentioned:p

    All hail Lord Mr_Tiny, lord of the servers, lord of the land, and lord of the fools.
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  8. Oh no! Someone has all my information, My name "Joshua T Smith", my date of birth Sep/11/1975, and that I live in Shelton WA. What ever shall I do? It was a bored not to bright individual doing the "hacking" a real attack wouldn't have had a spammed childish message attached to it. Find them, find their contact info and call their mommy. Go Admin ZGo!
  9. Haha, yeah, or something that all staff had to PMed about years ago: :p

    [Source: hacking forum]
  10. No personal data was compromised. A staff members password was stolen and someone used their account to use Squares broadcast feature.

    Literally only thing they did was access my profile and spam broadcasts
  11. Called it. :p
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  12. please tell me it was dwight
  13. Broadcasting: "You are now all under my control! I have full control of this staff's account--hey--I'm getting fuzzy--" *broadcast ended*
  14. Isn't this a federal offense?
  15. Can we please have a public posting of the player's name?:D:D:D:D
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  16. What i thought :p
  17. The question is.....

    Was this the surprise you had in mind??
  18. That my good friend, is EXACTLY what Aikar did to a notch impostor.
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  19. It's a lot of offenses in a lot of places but not much will come from it legalwise.
  20. Yes!