[solved] Theres a hacker

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  1. ** EDIT **

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  2. What is going on ._. i got a tonne of messages so disconnected
  3. i changed my password, and i suggest you all do it too if you were logged in.
  4. Lizard Squad? But seriously whats going on?
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  5. emc does not store passwords, if they do then we are all screwed ...
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  6. Which password? Forums?
  7. Minecraft and forums i guess
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  8. Are staff sorting this out D:
  9. I remember what happened to mineplex, and it was similar. A Lot of people lost their accounts due to hackers i believe. I don't think EMC stores our passwords, they shouldn't, but if this guy is capable of hacking EMC, I can say they most likely know how to hack accounts too.
  10. All are yes
  11. EMC does not store our Minecraft passwords. This is kind of odd, but I am not sure what is going on or what to believe.
  12. Mojang account mojang.com
  13. Could be a girl
  14. I changed my password on my MC account and EMC forum
  15. staff are working on it probably
  16. The site does, but Xenforo stores them like this:
    sha1(sha1(password) . salt)
    sha256(sha256(password) . salt)
    The "salt" part is some random string to make the password even stronger. The word "salt" isn't used, but a random missmash of characters. So basically the string "password" is put with "emc" and then ran through sha1/256. And then it is done again to make it hard to unhash.
  17. Well to everyone reading this. Staff ARE looking into this please dont worry!
  18. What I'm slightly worried about is /forumpass (or whatever it is).... if you don't change from default... isn't it viewable?

    Mineplex's plugins were stolen. Hacked accounts were something completely different. Their target audience is 10 year olds... so yeah, not very secure passwords there.