Soda vs Pop

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What is the ONLY acceptable way to say it?

Soda 37 vote(s) 54.4%
Pop 18 vote(s) 26.5%
Other (please comment what you call it) 15 vote(s) 22.1%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. So me and my friends are having an argument. .I mean discussion ...on what's the correct word to call this yummy beverage lots of us enjoy to drink...

    Is it soda or pop?? Wyn and I (Pennsylvanias) call it soda. .the only acceptable thing to call it. But Kiku and JD (Michigonians) call it pop (ew)

    So what do you guys call it?
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  2. As a staff member, I declare it to be pop. This is final.
  3. Unacceptable imma riot
  4. its soda bad hallows
  5. I only use this term if I am ordering at a restaurant, since I don't know what kinds/flavors they have (if it's not on the menu).
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  6. Well I guess it depends on what you want - if it's cola, it's cola. if it's fanta, it's fanta. if it's mountain dew, it's mountain dew. if it's peanutbutterjuice, it's peanutbutterjuice.
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  7. Well us kiwis.. Well I say coke or what ever brand it is. But soda v pop I would say soda :p
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  8. Soda, but sometimes "coke" is completely acceptable in my area... Even if it is a different brand.
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  9. I remember being younger and being in a restaurant and seeing "soft drinks" on the menu and being like "what the heck is that?" XD

    Or you could be like "what kind of sodas do you have?"
  10. Many people in Texas call it coke, even if you are ordering a Dr. Pepper. lol

    In Kansas (where I was born) I called it pop, then when I moved to Colorado, I called it Soda - I still call it Soda. :)
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  11. :O I've never heard anyone call is "coke" I feel like that's even more wrong than saying pop D:
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  12. It's a drink that's soft, so if you push in it, it'll be soft. So basically all drinks are soft drinks, unless there's that much ice in it you can't push much at all... Hmm... :rolleyes:

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  13. Soda pop is more fun to say :p
  14. What toade said
    A typical conversation down here "What do you want to drink?" "I would take a coke." "Alright what kind?" "A Dr.Pepper please."
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  15. It's coke/cola, unless it's lemonade in something, in which it's lemonade etc. Soft/fizzy/cold drinks. If I had to toss between soda and pop though, it would 100% be soda.
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  16. Since I don't use any of those words here I have no idea. Here in Sweden we call it "Läsk", that translated in Google Translate is "Soft drink".

    Though, when I was in the the States (Oregon, Washington) they mostly said Soda. :p
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  17. In Canada we call it 'stuff you mix with Whiskey'.:cool: Other terms are 'drink', i.e. 'would you like a drink with that?'.
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  18. As a Michiganian, I call it pop. Technically either are correct and some people say sodapop. Both are correct, but pop is easier to say.
  19. So many traitors in the staffy fold......

    Hasn't anyone been taught it's only supposed to be called "soda" because that's what it is?