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  1. You didnt ask why, you just mocked whoever deleted it. And no one knows what you were talking about, so why post it here? If you have an issue, deal with it via PM. This is not the place to accuse people of wrong doing. If you feel like you have been treated unfairly, bring it up with IcC.
    Edit: Grrrr now it looks like im crazzzy:p
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  2. I was simply making a request that mods make a post saying they cleaned up a thread, or deleted posts. I don't want what happened to that Economy Idea thread.... *Shivers*
  3. I've never hunted and have never used a gun for more than shooting targets, but I don't think it's fair to compare the US with the countries we have in this thread and the others I've seen before.

    In England, gun control existed pretty much before there were even guns in the form of poaching laws. Just having hunting weapons there after hunting laws were enacted in the late 13oo's was a crime except for the priviledged few. Much of Europe, in my opinion has been a historically disarmed populace. The people have simply never had arms. Especially in comparison to the US. The citizenry of the US has been armed since before there was a US.

    Unless I'm mistaken, Australia never had an armed revolution or civil war as the US did. Nor did the Australian constitution ever give its citizens the explicit right to own and bear firearms so the laws enacted in Australia during the 1990's were perfectly legal.

    I was poking around with Google and found a lot of talk of Australian gun control and whether it works or not. I wasn't surprised to see a lot of statistics stating that gun related homocides have gone down since it was enacted. You take away cars and I'm sure car accidents would go down too. What I was surprised to see was this from the Australian Institute of Criminology: crime.html

    Maybe numbers show that firearm violence have gone down there, but what those graphs tell me is that all forms of violent crime in Australia have stayed pretty level in spite of any decrease except for assaults, which have escalated. Seems to me that once their guns were taken away, the Australians have taken to beating the stuffing out of each other.

    In the US, any talk of restricting firearms has always been met with legal and social resistance. It's part of our history, whether it's hunting or war. My experience with gun violence is that it seems to center itself around cities and near the Mexican border.

    I live in the country about three hours north of Detroit and it's like two different worlds. Violent crime in the cities is pretty commonplace. I see and hear of the violence south of me every night. Yet it's almost unheard of where I am in spite of the fact that nearly everyone hunts and owns weapons.

    This incident is the cost of having an armed populace. There will always be someone in a large population who, for any of many reasons, will start hurting people whether it's with a gun, knife, car, or bomb. Guns are just more efficient. There is currently no good reason to have some of the weapons we are allowed to have here except to kill people, yet the right to have them was recorded in our constitution for a good reason.

    And I hate to finish with a potentially crazy sounding statement, but I feel it will eventually be true. We, and I don't just mean we in the US, are just one power outage/oil embargo/war/economic crisis, away from chaos. I don't expect it will be soon, but if nothing changes, this technological culture we've built up over the last few centuries is eventually going to collapse. There's going to be a lot of people with weapons. They won't all have your best interests in mind and they will be using them.

    If that day ever comes in my lifetime or appears to be imminent, I expect I'll be heading to the sporting goods store to stock up on ammo. Things will play out differently in other countries where there are unarmed populaces, since their governments will be armed whereas their citizens will not be. Whether that difference is good or bad is left to be seen, but since I feel that the ethics and motives of our countries' leaders are often no different from the basest of criminals, I'd much rather take my chances for now in the US than elsewhere.
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  4. So, your a doomsday prepper?
  5. Here, he basically states "Hey, I cleaned the thread up, keep it on topic now."

    As for these families.. That pic that battmeghs posted.. Actually, all of the pictures she's posted are just spot on with how I feel about this.
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  6. I did mention it...^ But what point does it serve to make it any clearer? It was off topic and did not belong here. Why does it need to be super obvious that off topic material has been removed?

    Now, stay on topic from here.
  7. More like a doomsday procrastinator.
  8. You did? My bad. I just feel really uneasy about that since that Economy thread that went downhill a while ago, and really don't want the mods to do anything like that again, even if it was my accident.
  9. Banning guns is already put in effect. You need a license to buy one. That does not stop people from using them wrongly. A few months back a police officer was shot dead and 5 people dead, 10 injured in my town.
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  10. But the thing is, (younger)Australians seem to have a habit of getting drunk in nightclubs then going out onto the street and becoming violent. It is on the news almost every night.

    Something like that happened where I live too. A police officer was shot in the face, but he survived, then his family turned his life support off because his condition was so bad.
  11. Good point. Young Australians didn't invent drunken brawls and guns certainly don't belong anywhere near where people are using drugs or alcohol. Guns or not, a lot of nightclubs are probably a good place to stay away from anyway.

    Still, take away their guns and the same people are still doing the same things good or bad, except without guns. Guns don't necessarily equate with violence. Take the guns out of the equation and there is less gun violence, but the violence remains.
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  12. why does no one else understand this?!
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  13. what the hell would people do, if half the kids in high school thought they hated life, lets take down the teachers with PENCILS! ...

    ... you going to ban pencils because that is the ITEM they used to kill someone?!
    .. you going to ban cars because cars can kill people? ... but what about what was WRONG WITH THE PERSON that made the car hit someone?!
    ... what about a lamp? a husband pissed at his wife could kill her with a lamp, is that going to be banned too?

    just because it was the closest item they could get their hands on to kill someone?!

    seriously, i don't understand why people are such idiots when it comes to this stupid subject. lol
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  14. I myself know how to effectively kill someone with a ball point pen. It is easy actually. I won't detail that here.
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  15. you can ban every item you see in front of your eyes, everything you can buy at the store... and it is never going to get rid violence....

    someone inform me of the day your hands are chopped off at birth because they can be used to kill someone.
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  16. What about teeth. They can do major damage to flesh.
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  17. Also your legs, arms, and head. Those can be used to harm (or even kill) someone.
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  18. Push someone off a cliff with your head.
  19. Considering how dangerous we all are I think we should all lock ourselves in padded rooms. I ban humans for being deadly weapons. All of ya'lls problems are solved.
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