So I was poking around the new Woodland Mansions...

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Doorfne, Sep 28, 2016.

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    y tho
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  2. Y u in creative tho
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  3. Would you like it better if it was a giant ghast ?
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  4. Or your ex wifey?
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  5. Don't blink.
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  6. I looked through one a couple hours ago, and while I like the "haunted mansion" idea, I'm not a fan of the woodland mansion construction. They're too random with the cat/chicken statues, random rooms, etc., and they're too big. They remind me less of a simplistic survival-style temple/structure you'd find (like witch huts, desert temples, and monuments) and more like a player-created build that just got dumped in the wild. I like that the current temples mesh with the landscape; they start with a simple but aesthetic form that you can expand on as a player. Here, there's no meshing, and the expanding is done for you.

    All in all, -1 to woodland mansions and this update in general. I like what they're doing, but it almost seems like they're reaching for new features at this point rather than considering things that would side well with the game. Llamas are one of the only things of 1.11 I like, and now that I've found out that you can't control them while riding, even they disappoint me a bit.
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  7. I think that's the bit that I hate the most.
    Don't even ask.
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  8. I've been looking over 1.11 notes and Im seeing the woodland mansion is labeled as near end game content. I've loaded several new world's /locating the mansions, and each one has been completely different from the last one. I've posted some pics of some hidden things I found in 607's 1.11 discussion thread.

    The feel of it (the mansion/dungeon ) to me is definitely one of, "now that I've done all this in survival, let's see what kind of trouble I can get myself into :D "
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  10. Or, ya know, make illager farms ;)
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  11. The mascot/statue of an illager farm (if you could make one. But you can't since they don't respawn.)

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    HINT: always look behind/in the face of an illager wool art. Lol yes, look the gift horse in the mouth :p
  12. Keep in mind that these are snapshots, so it's too early to tell if you really can't ride 'm or not. It is possible that you ran into a bug.
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  13. I read this a few times and now I'm curious what you think about villages in general? Because I can't help feel that those would (or could) also match your description.
  14. Yes please.
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  15. Yes, villages, dungeons, igloos, and other things I didn't mention all fit with the simplistic style I've mentioned. I've approved of all of them so far and found them to be just complex enough to be interesting while still simple enough to be enjoyable. The Woodland Mansions are just overly complex.
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  16. I see where you are coming from, the mansions don't fit in with the environment very well, have a million and one rooms that don't make sense and have mobs which are just hostile blacksmiths/priests (cmon, ghosts srsly).
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  17. Totally agree. It is extremely out of place in the minecraft world. I could stand it being massive if it was like a one room kind of temple or monument but it is literally just a woodland mansion. If I find one of these, I would loot it, burn it, and build whatever on the huge flat piece of land it left behind.
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  18. No im not his wify