So I got a new trackpad...

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  1. Yes... you read that right! :eek: Here's a "quick" comparison of how long it takes Minecraft to open on my new laptop vs my old laptop:

    As mentioned in the video, please post name suggestions for the new laptop down below! It is my child now. Also, I will give 15k rupees to the first person to tell me how many times the new laptop opened Minecraft before the old one!

    Hahahaha, after all that waiting, it turned out to be an invalid session. :oops:

    ASUS TUF VR Ready Gaming Laptop, 15.6" IPS FHD, AMD Ryzen 7-4800H Octa-Core up to 4.20 GHz, NVIDIA RTX 2060, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD+1TB HDD, RGB Backlit KB, RJ-45 Ethernet, Win 10

    Current name suggestions (In the order they were posted):
    - Fred
    - Charlie McGee Jr.
    - Susie
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  2. This is a quality video if i do say so myself
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  3. Laptop? :p I thought trackpad was just an alternative name for a mousepad, lol
    Jesus that's a massive upgrade!! Good for you :D You can probably get some shaders on there ;)
    The majority of the loading time delay can probably be explained by your old laptop only having an HDD boot drive with no SSD, at least that's what I assume it was. The snappiness of a system can almost always be attributed to whether it has an SSD or HDD.
    ReAuth ;)
    Suggestions for what you should try next: shaders, resource packs, multiple clients at once >:) Nothing can go wrong, right? o.(o)
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  4. Yes, laptop. But the trackpad is what I use as my mouse, and it just so happens to be attached. :D (jewel's name suggestion)
    All hail Fred! A lovely name choice.
    Ooo yes, shaders and resource packs. Anybody have suggestions for which ones I should try? :D
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  5. Grats on the new laptop! Looks nice!

    Also, I agree with jewel here. Great quality video =D
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  6. 15 mins to open MINECRAFT? HOW did you survive WOW
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  7. yay moops, congrats on the new laptop...

    not sure how any potato laptop can take 15 minutes to load minecraft, then again you no longer have to worry about it! :p
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  8. mechanical boot drive :p
  9. "We still love you very deep deep down....."

    *in a throw you out the nearest window into a firepit to watch the latest production of "Flying Hot Confetti" way*
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  10. Congrats, Speedy Gonzales!:D
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  11. Are the key binds the same?
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  12. name?
    Charlie McGee jr.
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  13. Nice upgrade! I got a upgrade from my old pc to a new gaming laptop as well. Laptop Gang!!!
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  14. 32 Gigabytes of RAM?? O_O
    What are you going to use that thing for??

    It might have been interesting to open up the Task Manager to see what was going on in both. :)

    What was the tune you sang?

    I might think of a name later, I'm not sure if I can!

    When I finally release the next update to the Mandelbrot Explorer (I made an important update to drawing but was trying to do the same to saving and had trouble; I haven't worked on it at all for a very long time, now) you should see how fast it is for you, having 16 threads to use. :p It doesn't utilise the GPU, though, so the RTX won't help, unfortunately.
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  15. By the way, who on earth would give you a thumbs down on your video?:mad: I gave a thumbs up, to even it out!:D Shame on them lol:eek:
    My computer is named Fred! (Freakin Remarkable Electronic Device):D
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  16. Jeopardy! Think music
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  17. That is strange, considering that it is unlisted. :eek:
    Nice acronym. :D
  18. Does this mean a new "Moople's weird controls" thread is on it's way? :3c
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  19. Why? The controls are the same, presumably. :p
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