SMP9 nearly conquered by lag

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  1. Right,
    Some serious lag is taking over SMP9, its not the first day that smp9 is having problems. Also I am not the only person who is having lag. I have a TPS of 20, I've no idea wich/what is causing this lag, but hey it is pretty annoying.
    After checking this post before posting my tps was 10/11/12

    Bumps please :)

    ps; of course I probably stil have English grammer/spelling faults ;-)
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  2. ? :/ :confused:
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  3. You wanted a bump
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  4. Oh you ^^
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  5. I just went on and I have a bit of that problem too, and my tps is constant at 20 as well.

    It also seems to lag with chest, furnaces, and crafting tables.
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  6. yeah getting bad lag i was working on a few big thing in the wild hope they are not the cause of it
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  7. lag is bad i hate it so much lets try to raise the ram usage of fps of the server to try and improve on the lag issue:cool:
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  8. It looks like you just through a bunch of techno-mumbo-jumbo into that post.
    I think you were trying to say that we should increase the amount of ram ALLOCATED to the server. Not increase the usage. Increasing the ram usage causes more lag.
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  9. I never get attacked by lag! I can handle up to 7 FPS . here is a tip: Close programs that aren't needed, restart your PC, or do fast not fancy/short not normal or far
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  10. OK, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I just completely abandoned what I was doing. I tried six times to mine the exact same piece of obsidian and looked up in time to see a creeper moving closer, waiting 3 seconds, then moving a little closer, then waiting 3 seconds and I just decided to wait until whatever this is goes away.

    Edit: gabeli it's not us. My computer is not lagging, the server is lagging. Closing programs won't do a thing.
  11. You seem to know wha your talking about.
    Can u plz herlp me fix my hard drive? It seems to have acquired a Trojan and idk what to do. It crashes every time. Boot up, thanks!
    Ha ha, kidding. This didnt happen. Yay!
  12. Now your all like me. The 5 fps guy lol. Ps 4005 lags alot and im getting a mac book air for birthday
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  13. It does lag when Minecraft is literally the only program I have running and all my settings are down to a minimum, I'm also the only person on my internet at my house, and I still lag, but of course when I go to another server it's fine. SMP9 probably has a bug or something, as well because all my chickens are disappearing I wasted 43 chicken spawn eggs 5 min later they all disappeared.
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  14. Yea when I go to use ur stone gen it takes like 2 mins to regenerate due to massive lag lol.
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  15. Cough just maybe cough
    J/K it looks like your all most done with that cobble mountain hurray!
    But in all seriousness I was getting as low as 6 tps when that thing was running to day.

    But there was some lag after you loged off, nearly fell to my death on my pillar mining my way down with a tps of 20. so who knows.
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  16. 5$ says it might be :)
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  17. Oh no...... Don't tell me you made the SCAMP. xD
  18. I am experiencing bad lag where i can break blocks, but i have to disconnect and recconect to get them
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  19. Is the frame rate low? If so that's your computer.
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