SMP9 Imperial Military

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  1. A long time ago the brilliant members of SMP9 created an army with vast power and used it to wage a war upon the people of SMP4. This Army was strong with 3 main Generals, General Benthebobjr, General Thebuttersheep and General Karatekick2001. The SMP9 Army faded away over the days. Now arises from the remnants of the great army that fought the Great SMP War, the SMP9 Imperial Military!
    The Military is the official representative fighting force on SMP9 and will defend it against any threats! The Military always strives for peace and to help the SMP9 Community and all of its noble citizens. We will protect SMP9 at all costs! As the Military grows I will update and change this thread to match its current stance. Here is a list of the base(s).
    Imperium De Pacem
    It translates from Latin into Control of Peace, Imperium de Pacem is also called the HQ (HeadQuarters) of the SMP9 Imperial Military. The res owned by General of the Army Benthebobjr is the first base built and stands as the control center for the Imperial Military, this is where you sign up and mainly train for now. The Imperium De Pacem is located at the res 18429 on SMP9. The res consists of a Long Ranged Missile, Watch/Sniper Tower, Podium, Helipad, Helicopter, Various Training centers, Communications Center, Power Armor storage, a fence, Barracks, Cafeteria for Soldiers, Big rooms, Facilities for Soldiers, Underground Shelter, no secret rooms at all, A Registration Desk.

    The Training Facilities include:

    The Agility/Endurance/Intelligence: Lava Run Piston Floor

    The Agility/Endurance/Perception: Log Jump, Minefield, Ladder

    For More Pictures of this Facility:

    The Perception/Luck/Intelligence: Shooting/Target Range

    For the complete picture set of the base click here:
    The Board of SMPs
    The Board of SMPs is the board where each representative or General of each SMP makes decisions and negotiates with the other various SMP Representatives. This Board keeps the peace between SMPs and prevents one SMP from starting a war over a sheep or someone named Carl. The Board will include the General of the Army of each SMPs Military and the other Generals. Each SMP has 3 Representatives and Utopia does not get a representative as it features players from various SMPs. Think of this as the NATO of The Empire. There are currently no representatives for other SMPs. If someone feels up to the task to make a SMP(#) Military or Army then do it and PM Benthebobjr so he can see and approve of your Military's authentication and allow representation of the Generals on the Board. The Current Representatives are:

    SMP1: -
    SMP2: -
    SMP3: -
    SMP4: -
    SMP5: -
    SMP6: -
    SMP7: -
    SMP8: -
    SMP9: General of the Army Benthebobjr, General Thebuttersheep, General Coolmanbackoff

    Although many may disagree with a Military force such as this, with a responsibility such as protecting SMP9 comes controversy and I completely expected that. Not everyone agrees with everything that's why there is a democracy for people to vote. The Military is doing what is right for SMP9 and people shouldn't get in our way and wage war against us just because you disagree. The Military only represents SMP9 but runs the Board of SMPs.
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  2. thnx, ya just reminded me what i need to build on my res XD
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  3. SMP4 refuses to join this Board of SMPs you have created, as we see that you seek to give all the power to SMP9. And for the record it was you who started the war over Carl. Carl is and always will be our Mad God. We feel like you are disrespecting us, therefore we demand an official apology for the unfair invasion you conducted in 2015 and a retraction of statements against Carl the Mad God.
    Viva la Rojo SMP!
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  4. i like this guy ^
  5. by the way, how can you claim smp9 as ye rown when there is another army that im sure people will gladly agree with over your imperical power hungry army lol
  6. the Bunny Army refuses to be apart of your mad ideas and attempts at power ;)
  7. Mad attempts... how dare you.
  8. Smp5 refuses offer alongside smp4 *continues building tank*
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  9. Smp7 will refuse.

    *arms antimatter nukes*
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  10. Can I join?
  11. Speaking in the word of SMP8, all we need is fish and marriage places, we will join most likely any army that offers the things i mentioned... ( Plus, Free Healthcare would be nice too )
  12. the Bunny Army is thinking bout making a chapel and offers healthcare if that helps? lol
  13. Smp6 agrees with 4 and 5
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  14. As stated before, SMP7 refuses to ally with SMP9
  15. the Bunny Army is a smp9 army but we have the unfortunate pleasure to have to deal with the Imperial Army, not all of SMP9 are bad people :)
  16. The only thing that bugs me about this thread is that the banner isn't perfectly in the middle. :p
  17. Maybe an alliance to defeat the imperial army is in store. :p
  18. vonderful!! :D for future notice, ya will need to talk to Tactician_Bunny, she is the leader of the Army
  19. What a shame I have to share SMP9 with a dictator... but you know what Sparta? We can incorporate free Health Care for the Bunny Army. :D We are non-profit, peace-loving, free villager trade, love bunnies, AND Free Health Care~. :D
    If you don't want to side with us, cool~. To each their own~... certainly not going to proclaim war if you don't agree. XD That's the fun part of different armies, so long as there isn't unneeded war. c:
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