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Bring back the duck?

Yeeeeeeeee 20 vote(s) 80.0%
Nah 5 vote(s) 20.0%

  1. This used to be on top of spawn.
    Now it's not.
    Since smp8 is the weird server, we need to have weird things.
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  2. #bringbacktheduck
  3. #BringBackTheWTFThing :p
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  4. I'm not from SMP8 but even so: +1

    Why not have a player-made structure on top? I agree too: it fits SMP8 quite nicely.
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  5. Why is this a thing?
  6. #BringBackTheDuck For Rhy :D
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  7. Because smp8 and fish :)
  8. It really needs to be much bigger. Needs to be a huge wool statue of a duck holding a marriage fish.
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  10. Only if you can make a pun to put on a sign in front of it.
  11. Doesn't matter to me :p
  12. /town is fine without the bird. It gets in the way of the squid tank anyway. -1 for me.
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  13. I don't see how that's a duck?
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  14. They could never, after doctor Monty's confession, he was that duck.
  15. We're all the duck :)

    Or something... I need sleep :)
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  16. #bringbackthebirb
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  17. I don't particularly care, I'm just a slave to trends and will repeat anything if it's said enough.

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  18. *gets #GiveRhyAllYourMoney trending on twitter*
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  19. #duckbrinbackitbutineversawitcuzimmanubbutwhatever lolitsprettycool