I'm a legend

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  1. Someone make a gif of this thing running
  2. Omg I love it. What place did you get?
  3. The best part is, we won.
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  4. A rubber ducky

    Lol, I would've voted for you.
  5. HAHAHAHA we got first two times

    I have pictures of the other rhy-ifed animals if you guys want to see them :D
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  6. Are you sure that's not 607?
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  7. Wait, what? xD
  8. Heh.. Where did you get lessons?
  9. How is that a rubber ducky? It looks like a duck with mutated pitchfork arms. ;)
  10. Needless to say, I'm jealous of your building skills.
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  11. You are.
  12. Leg is the correct answer.
  13. Next time build a leg
  14. This is a masterpiece where did u learn to build like that!