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  1. Congrats on the 10 years! The cafe looks nice!
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  2. I have created an LLO wiki on Miraheze. I haven't done much on it yet but it is open to editing and viewing.
    Thanks. It's based on this guy's build.

    Where is it?
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  3. Wow, yeah, I haven't seen that name in a long time.
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  4. My build is in the ocean, SW corner of district 7. Mostly stone building, two story. I believe I also built a glass dome underwater, beneath it.
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  5. It seems the villa I built close to the LLO is still in one piece!

    Who anyone be up to turn that into a small liveable enclave?

    I've got space in my rooms. PM me if you're interested :D
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  6. Everytime I get a notification for this thread I'm amazed this place still exist.
    I don't have that much time for playing but plan to play some MC again soon. For now I only set up a half finished house in town but of course I want to go back to the LLO asap :D

    I'm going to check out the new wiki and plan to update the first post of the thread. Any drafts/ideas for that are more than welcome.

    A warm welcome to our new members/residents. Let's bring back the LLO to it's former glory (or at least have a lot of fun trying)
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  7. Very fun to read. :) I think the part in parentheses at the end is a very good attitude to have in this matter. ;)
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  8. I made a small update to the first post.
  9. Petition for Zulu to join the LLO discord.
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  10. There is a Discord :confused:?
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  11. i was thinking the same thing, lol. just learned of it a day or two ago :p

    Also, Sunny_Chicken, can I get the LLO role in Discord? I have been an LLO member since 2012 :)

    Thank you!
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  12. See the LLO wiki page, linked in the signature of Zulu9.
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  13. Joined :)
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  14. It's less active than this thread. :p
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  15. I joined the server twice and got kicked twice. Can someone explain this to me please :( ?
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  16. Um, ask Sunny_Chicken I guess?
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