Smp5's anti-8 movement

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  1. Come along to '/v 11463 divorce' to get divorced from your smp8 wife! Follow the instructions on the signs. YouTube tutorial coming very soon :)
  2. Do I see an Empire War happening? Empire Minecraft: Civil War
    I can see it now:
    • SMP5 fires the first shot, introducing divorces and wages war against SMP8
    • SMP9 goes to SMP8's aid as they have been together since birth (introduced at the same time)
    • SMP7 sides with SMP5, because 7 8 9.
    • SMP6, being scared of SMP7, sides with SMP5 so they don't get eaten.
    However, SMP1, SMP2, SMP3, SMP4, and Utopia are still up for grabs.
  3. SMP4's role will be simple. Divide and rule son, divide and rule ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  4. Ya'll can't touch SMP1 as it existed before any others...
  5. The Akkadian Empire also existed before any others.
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  6. This belongs in the history channel along with the other lies it tells :p

    and honestly, I say I like smp8 because it is where I started EMC. And I don't like smp7 ,5, and 4 because they whine about how good smp8 is. But I honestly like every smp except utopia because everyone is afk there and I have no friends on that server ;.;

    Okay the whining part is true.

    Smp1, 2, 3, 6, and 9 earn my respect because they don't care :p

    smp1: First server
    smp2: Excellent buildings Birthplace of Krysyy
    smp3: Creativity
    smp4: Carthaga and community, and firefloor
    smp5: Mob Arena and gigantic buildings
    smp6: PvP and /report hell
    smp7: Large residences
    smp8: Pixel Art, EMC Games, community and overall crazy...also public utilities
    smp9: This one takes the cake for pyramids...

    This is why I love all servers equally. We don't need war. PEACE YO!

  7. You see? Proof that EMC physics make it impossible to go to war.
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  8. Utopia is perfect; no one will ever fight there.

  9. Yep :p

    Aikar meant for this to happen! Each SMP will become empires and will goto war!!!
    jk :p
  10. Wait you for got one utopia
  11. Starting a war with us is a bad idea cuz smp4 will take all you people down and rule all the smps.
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  12. That's the point, this is an SMP war, not a utopia and smp war :p
  13. SMP6 is scared of SMP7 because SMP6 knows that SMP7 has me. lol jk jk But seriously, if such a thing happened, I would just hide in my res, which is essentially a castle. Then I would be safe.

    Oh, also, I have never heard a single SMP7-er whine about pretty much anything.
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  14. I wouldn't mess with smp7, because smp7 smp8 smp9.
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  15. Im from smp7 but i call smp2 my home for now
  16. I have been playing on smp5 for almost 2 years now and no one whines about smp8 that I've ever seen. I do agree about peace though; there is no way I'm fighting a civil war over marriage and divorce (a revolution maybe;)).

    I like the Wife Fish tradition (I have about 9 spouses at this point) but we need the flip side (Divorce) and SMP5 is willing and able to take up this burden.
    If smp8 is the server of unions then let smp5 be the server of partings.

    Adieu l'amour et me donner l'indépendance! (goodbye love and give me independence!)
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  17. Smp5 takes no part in this, this is purely Builder, we disown you builder.
  18. Builder is not the only player on our smp in on this :p
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  19. But you have horses...
  20. what has that got to do with divorce cactus?