Smp5's anti-8 movement

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  1. Traitorrr!!!
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  2. We need to all band together and take over Utopia. This is just like the hunger games and its time for us to Rise Above!
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  3. Why must we take over Utopia? They are the land of farms, surly if you want all the lag... Go get em creeper!
  4. Good point...^.^
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  5. Bumpy road ahead
  6. Not to mention we'd be going back into the time period of the ancient Athenians...
  7. "Ponehz n chikun egs 4 seyl 5000 rupez eech:3!!!#"
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  8. Hijacking this thread. I have created a Honeymoon adventure (if you can't beat them, join them) on SMP5. It is at /v PetuniaFigtree 2 - I am not putting the res nr in here yet because I have ordered a complete res move to a new plot. For now, give it a test run for me with your spouse and let me know what you think! Might do some final tweaks before I go fully public with it ;)
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  9. Smp5, its rising from the shadows
  10. I was smp5 for a while but I got smart and went to smp2 :) greatest ever! but I wouldn't mind destroying 8! they are so ....WRONG!
  11. Unlock your true potential with 5
    Be a nub on 2
  12. Smp 5 is a community that shows strength in the knowledge and relationships we have. With resources plenty and a "Pay it Forward" attitude, smp5 give the greatest support to all. #smp5 #onlywecan
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  13. Like, like, LIKE!