SMP4 Paradise Project Building Contest... A First Glance

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  1. Okay Empire Players...
    You have all been asking LOTS of questions and we are finally ready to start talking! Here is a little bit of information you need to know about the Project on Smp4.
    First of all, why has it taken so long? This one is easy! We have DOUBLED in size since the original projections....
    We were originally going to do this on 12 connected residences owned by my family and basically donated to the server because we love you!
    Then we had supporters and players coming from every direction wanting to be a part and help in any way.
    We now have 24 Residences that are all together and ready to be used for this amazing building project!
    This took us into the school year and sports season for Nick and me moving to a new house! Not good timing for a project this epic huh...

    So... Now we are going to do this ALL SUMMER! I always hear how bored you are and how there is nothing fun to ever do in the Summer so we have saved this just for that reason. :)

    We are going to have a building contest! The winners will be given all flags on a residence in the city and you will have the full support of our team to build your winning project on it. We will be there to help you until the last flower and stone is placed and your name will be forever written in the books as the designer and winner of the project on that Res! It will be connected to Youtube videos and stuff also giving you the credit for what you have done! This will be epic to say the least...

    Here is what the city will be like.
    There will be an amazing wall of pillars and white all around these reses... this will be a community building project as soon as we get the design dialed in. We had some server issues that cost us a great deal of time and work but now that I have seen the Quartz.... I AM GLAD.... that stuff is EXACTLY what I want the wall to look like.... So we win! :)

    I want beautiful gardens and flowing waterfalls... sculpted sidewalks and staircases up to the massive beautiful buildings. I want it to be something that players will walk through time and time again and see something new each time because we will not stop until it is perfect! I want amazing lighting in all areas and I want it to be as beautiful at night as it is in the daylight.

    So where do you all fit in.... That is easy!

    Start designing in Creative! Use the list of materials following as your guide. Think Massive and Elegant and White and Bright. See the Big Picture that this will be one of Many Buildings to make up this city. Remember that not all builds can take the whole Residence. There will be a 4x4 wall around it plus room to walk between. Think UP not OUT.... Yes a few buildings may end up a project where you all put your heads TOGETHER and use 4 reses to lay it out complete with gardens and all....
    There will be a panel of judges that KNOW what I am looking for... I will have the final say.
    The more epic you think the better your chances of being in this amazing piece of EMC history!
    Once it is built I will keep it in tact from now on!!! THIS I can promise!

    JackBiggin has made us a wonderful forum for this project! As soon as we have 8100 ready for mass intake of materials we will be selecting those who are going to be the leaders in the Material Handling, Mining, and City Layout projects....
    If you have things you want to contribute see anyone hanging out at 8100... they have flags that can assist you in helping us.

    THANK YOU ALL for being such an amazing group of players! Now get those creative designs flowing in Single player and lets build a city! :)

    Materials That Will Be The Major Pieces:
    Iron Block
    Snow Block

    Trim Materials:
    Stone and Stone Brick
    Emerald Block
    Nether Brick... As Trimming Only! Like patterns in floors and walls and ceilings
    Birch Wood Planks

    We want light with accent! If you remember that main concept any material could be used in balance. :)

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  2. Wow that was a big read, but totally worth it :D I look forward to seeing some amazing creations! I am a big supporter of this project and I am donating all I can, because we all want this to look totally mind blowing :)
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  3. Thank you for all you are doing! This will be one to go down in the books for MC... :)
  4. Just saw the amazing work the team put in to 8100... we are headed for a massive increase in speed soon... :)
    Get those creative designs working!
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  5. I can get you a ton of Iron Blocks, and or cash, if needed.
  6. I just remembered I never got no flags to thos res :O
  7. It will def be amazing! I am so excited for this!
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  8. Same :D
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  9. That would be awesome... Iron is the 2nd highest material on the We Need It List.... :)
  10. We are setting it up so that there is no need for a bunch of flags.... hang tight and we will be automatic very soon! :)
    That is safer and easier for all of us! :)
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  11. Hi r0bbie! I'd like to help out! :) not sure if I can donate any materials or money, but I guess I can go mining, or so digging.
  12. See Tinkerbell.... she will put you to work! She is my Right Hand Gal.... ;)
    I will be on Tues and Thurs for my days off... Keep in mind the crew at 8100 can help ya get on board too... :)
  13. I may be able to get some iron from a certain farm I know of. :) Anyway, my real question: Is this going to be the special smp4 EMC area? Like how the graveyard is for smp1, the park is for smp2, etc.?
  14. Do you have donation chests set up anywhere?
  15. yes sir, at 8100 on amp4, second floor. There is a room marked donations, just place anything you are willing to donate into those, or just throw it in the water. Also, if anyone is donating sand or cobble, please use the special rooms for those two items. They feed the furnaces directly.

    Edit: I noticed a slight flaw with the access chests for donations, but it has been corrected. If its just a stack or two, just throw it in the water. If you are donating alot of items, put it in the Access Everyone chests, they will now automatically lock up as soon as you put something in, and will not reopen untill they are drained, so no one can steal the items after you leave the res.
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  16. Awesome! Any particular theme? And where do we submit to?
  17. If you can get a team together that would be great! we definatley need quartz, but iron and snow blocks, and ice blocks are also in great need! Let me know if you can get a team together, if not that is ok too!
  18. r0bbie is going with bright, white, and elegant. Im not sure on where to submit to yet. Im sure she will post that soon!
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  19. Later today I will give you a screen shot of my Nether tower. Replace the Nether brick with quartz, replace the lava with water, and replace the fire with something beautiful, (and maybe add a few other nice touches, including switching the graveyard in front with a garden) I think it might work for what you are looking for. :)
  20. I'll get some snow.. Maybe set up a snow gen at 8100 with a snow golem or two and get me some shovels.. I'll get ya tons of snow. :)
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