SMP1 is dying.

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  1. I have noticed a very sad trend over the past few days. I only see a few people I have heard of on SMP1, like Traynfreek, Kells18, and IceCreamCow. Otherwise, SMP1 is where all the noobs are going. I remember all of the cool people that used to be here, but they all seem to have left and moved to a res on another server. The chat is constantly being spammed with "is anybody selling cheap diamonds" and "how do u claim a res". I really don't want to move to a new res on a new server, but I have to start considering that now. :(
  2. Well I guess I'm not cool... ;) I'm just kidding, there are plenty of people on smp1 still who are "cool". They just tend to keep to themselves(myself for example:p) or only communicate with those "cool" members since there has been an increase of n00bs
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  3. Don't see how you can say that new players coming onto smp1 means that the server is "dying"...
  4. It might because Justin got rid of the sign at the top of the site that suggested the newest sever for newbies.
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  5. CakeCo Incorporated will be keeping SMP1 alive. Never will I leave this server.

    CakeCo HQ opens this weekend.

    CakeCo X-Change opens within a month.

    All on smp1.
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  6. I agree the empire has gone from 30000 to 35000 in 16 days I guess they went to smp1?
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  7. Yes, I've actually been thinking you're the one who can revive SMP1. You're a massive company in the making, all centered around 1 block. That's cool. :)
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  8. To those of you reading this, 1055 and 1056 are the places to go. :)
  9. Then again, maybe it doesn't have hope. I just witnessed coolninja98 allowing people to grief on their res, and then cried over it whilst people handed them money/items. What a shame. That's very low of someone to do, an act of foolishness.
  10. Im on smp1 sometims, im mainly on smp2 as it is my home server
  11. I often check the player list of the other servers and the only people I know are on smp1. It's where I started and it's where I'll always be.
  12. i started on smp1 and ill always be there :)
  13. I started on smp2...
    Don't worry, I plan on undertaking a project on smp1 sometime :)
  14. I started on SMP1 but haven't been on there much recently. I've spent most of my time on Utopia or SMP8 trying to finish my houses. I still like my neighbors on 1 and get on every now & then to say hi to my friends but it has lost some of its fun. It isn't that I don't like new players or that I mind telling people how to do certain things, it's just annoying seeing what is going on. Yesterday I had to report players for language, something I've never had to do before and then 2 guys are talking about how when a 3rd guy gets off, they're going to go grief his house and then they're encouraging others to do it as well. :(
    I'm sure stuff like this goes on on all the servers, it's just really sad that my home has degraded to the nonsense that is going on. As soon as I finish my projects, I expect to spend a lot more time at "home"...and be warned, there will be no nonsense allowed :D
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  15. Yeah, it seems like chat quality on all the older servers has decreased due to lots of 'n00bs'. Today on smp1, there was someone who said "this server sucks [insert multiple expletives here] !!!!" It took over 3 minutes of absolutely horrible spam for the system to finally kick the offender. I couldn't help but thinking that that NEVER happened back when I first joined and we had 8k members.
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  16. Haha i didnt relise people have heard of me ;) Sweet ! my mega mall should be up sometime. :D
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  17. Oh wow. That's pretty sad. I wish I had joined earlier myself. I joined in 1.2.4 and I even have one of those no-bedrock reses. :)
  18. I started smp1 back when arenas were around and then when smp2 came out I didnt have a residence so I ran over there and claimed a residence for me and told my friends to get the two next to me xD oh how old those times were XD
  19. Get over it. None of the servers are dying. New people are joining EMC which means that the smaller, tighter Community we knew from last year will vanish. That's how it always goes with these things, but ultimately it's a good thing or EMC would stagnate and then die.
  20. I think I started in 1.0 or 1.1. And when I started smp5 was just started and I joined there.