Slightly Overdue 2 Year AMA

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  1. *pulls up a chair with a loud nails on chalkboard screech*

    Hello everyone! :D

    Well, it's been over 2 years on EMC for me and I'm looking be around for many, many more! I've never done an AMA so bear with me. Ok... who's first? And don't just post the word "first". That's just annoying... and kind of stating the obvious. Other than that... ask me anything. :D
  2. I am first.
    Do you think I am pretty?
  3. Nick, you first struck me as just creepy, but yes, I think you're pretty. Melons! :D
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  4. Why are you no longer a mod? :(
  5. Do you like rotwailers?
  6. How much money do you have? o3o
  7. Why are you not a mod? You where a good one :3
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  8. Why did you marry Palmsugar?
    Do you think I hack?
    Would you rather end the life of a human baby or 50 puppies?
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  9. Well, it went something like this:

    Therapist: So how do they treat you?
    Me: *sniffle* They're just mean.
    Therapist: How so?
    Me: Max and Krysyy burn dirt right in front of me! *cries* Don't they realize dirt can be a usable resource!? *wipes tears* And Aikar... *snort* Aikar just makes rupees disappear! *blubbering* He sees what I buy up *whimper* and then ruins the economy for that item. *more crying* And ICC....
    Therapist: It's ok. What about ICC?
    Me: He makes me dance on large piles of TNT, *snort* cracking whip in one hand, *more tears and snot* flint & steel in the other, *smears tears and snot on sleeve* yelling "Dance Jessica Dance!"
    Therapist: Jessica?
    Me: That's what he calls me when I dance.
    Therapist: *leaves the room*

    Actullly, no, that's not how it happened at all.

    I started as a regular player on EMC 2 years ago. One year in, staff approached me to become a mod and I agreed. I've been a moderator on EMC for just over a year. Recently, there have been several promotions, several are people I've known from smp5. I felt it was time to let the new blood take over things for a while. People don't understand the sacrifices you have to make sometimes as a moderator. Being a mod is work. This is why if you see a mod ingame they sometimes just stand in one spot. They're not idle at all. They're busy behind the scenes taking care of the community. Sometimes even taking care of things on a different server. I could be standing on smp5, but kicking or banning on smp9. So yeah, there are ingame sacrifices and real world sacrifices too. How can you handle going after a griefer if you're needed for something in your own real life home? It is possible to balance it all, but at times it's just not easy. It boils down to one word... Responsibility. After a solid year of moderation, I felt the time was right to take a break.

    When change happens, it's sometimes easier to include your own change with a bunch of others that are happening at the same time. So, as new blood was coming in, I could step down with a little less of a shock to others. EMC is a fantastic community filled with great and talented people. And who knows... I may return to the green team someday. :D
  10. Thank you.

    (see long-winded response above) :D
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  11. Happy overdue 2 years! :D

    Favourite MC food?
  12. Why not?
    Do you?
    Reversing my opinion from "pretty" back to "creepy".
  13. Steaks. It's a Texan thing. :D
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  14. Yes... grilled, with a loaded baked potato and a side salad.

    To be serious, my Mom had one at one time, so I don't mind them.
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  15. It varies.
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  16. one, very, very important thing.

    ...... do you like batman?
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  17. Why did you choose Torian42 as your name?
    Palmsugar has mentioned you were (are?) into comic books? Are you still? And what comics do you like?
    What did you see when your eyes were opened?
  18. He's probably the number one most believable superhero in comics. He's the closest to reality. So yeah, I like Batman, with good reason. Everything falls into place. He's got the resources, training, intellect and deep motivation that make his story really work.
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  19. Note to self: click 'reply'. Sorry about that battmeghs.

    Moving on.

    My name is another long-winded story.
    Yes, I like comic books although I can't afford to be into them now. I like both Marvel and DC characters. I also love Alex Ross's artwork.
    Yeah, I read that last question twice. When? At birth, this morning, based on an event?? Totally confused. :/
  20. See above... also I'm practicing clicking 'reply'.
  21. Hey... this reply button thing is fun! :D
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