Show player's old name for 21 days

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  1. Some players like to change their name ... a lot.
    Could we add their previous name for a temporary time when they chat?
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  2. (sorry for not being nice lol) I think we shouldn't do this, as this'll be another intensive for players who change their name all the time to change it more, as it gives them even more attention. :D I propose limiting name changing to once every 6 months or so. ;)
  3. Minecraft/Mojang already limits a name change to no sooner than once every 30 days.
    Just asking for a courtesy announcement that a player has had their name changed.
  4. I think it shows there previous names when you do /p [players name] in game.
    My 2 cents; I don't like the name change thing at all
  5. The point is that I don't know that they changed their name.
    So, if I do /p on every stinking player I recognize, I would never have time to play. But that is a great way to see all of a player's old names and such.
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  6. How would you display the previous name?
  7. It would have to be in chat, so add a line to their information. It already has how many days since they were last seen.

    Perhaps their name could have a symbol next to it, for those first 2 weeks or so. Telling me that they have just changed their playername. Or they would be referred to as a Pop Super Star -->
    LittleRedCorvette formerly known as Prince
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  8. 'incentive', I think? :p

    Anyway, I don't agree with Tom's reasoning (it might happen in the beginning, but I don't think it would overall turn out in an increase of name changes), but I am not in favour of this idea, as I'm afraid it would look messy. Mostly because it would make the player's name a lot longer.
  9. I think this is not a great idea. Why keep a name if the point of the change if to change a name? /p [playername] is super helpful and I see this to be unnecessary. With the sudden name change, you would be forced to remember someone's new name, making it better for memorization. -1
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  10. It appears that KatydidBuild is wanting this added to the login message and not into every chat message.

    Is this correct Katy?
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  11. Oh! I did not notice that! If so, then perhaps +1. My initial point still stands, though, but I have to admit that I am heavily biased against name changing. :p

    Uh, yes, incentive, lol. Just a swap of the t and s/c. ;) It was late and I was really tired. :p

    Sorry, changing your name more than once or twice has always seemed incredibly unnecessary to me, so naturally I'll vote for anything to make it less appealing. :p
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  12. yes
  13. +1

    Good idea. I get confused and have to /p them to figure out what in the world is going on.
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  14. +1
    It can get confusing when someone has had their name changed, and your trying to look for them
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  15. +1. I've changed my name plenty of times and have had plenty of confusion with friends I've made on here who haven't seen me in a while :p
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  16. Maybe it can go like this?

    player logs in:

    [Player] previously known as [previous name], has logged into [Smp] (Similar to how friend notifications work) ;)
  17. I'm with Elaeric
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  18. I very much like that configuration for a chat notification.
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